Irwin Toy Toyfair Preview

The following is a preview of what we can expect from Irwin Toy at Toyfair this year (from Irwin Toy press releases):

Irwin Toy Limited (IWT.TO) is set to launch the most spectacular toy line in its 75-year history when it unveils a new and comprehensive line of Dragon Ball Z action figures, vehicles, play sets and accessories at the International Toy Fair in New York in February, announced Francess Wells Cunningham, Vice President, Marketing.

In addition to fully articulated, expertly sculpted Dragon Ball Z figures, Irwin Toy will introduce new role-playing games and an assortment that includes Morphing Skin action figures, a Double Punch line and many others in the traditional 5.5-inch size, as well as a complete collectible line of 9-inch Dragon Ball Z action figures.

New DRAGON BALL Z action figures, vehicles, play sets and accessories will bring the Sagas of DRAGON BALL Z to life for children and collectors…With new action figures ranging from the show’s most popular heroes, including Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and Trucks in both standard and Super Saiyan roles, to Android villains, children will be enthralled with the realism of the beautifully-sculpted, fully-articulated figures and vehicles, along with a new role-play assortment including DragonBall Radar with ball detection and simulated tracking, and Scouter with lights and voice-activated disc launcher. In addition to the product and marketing initiatives of Irwin Toy, DRAGON BALL Z’s producer and licensor, FUNimation Productions Ltd., has assembled more than 80 excellent licensees to create a synergistic market impact.

So what’s new? A summary: the “Double-Punch” line, “collectable 9 inch figures”, a Dragon Radar toy, a Scouter toy, and more 5 inch figures. I’ll post more details on these toys as I get them.

Toyfair will be February 11-15, check back at the DBTI for complete coverage!

Posted by Jess Horsley on December 29, 2000 12:01 AM


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