Dragonballtoys.com: Scene Stealers II contest July 1 - July 31!

Scene Stealers II

Construct a diorama scene using Dragonball action figures. You are allowed to use any materials you need, with the restriction that your scene include only Dragonball figures, and at least one retail figure (customs are allowed).

Get creative! Don’t just arrange some figures on a desk, get out and build a backdrop! Find a place that looks like the rocky valleys where the Z fighters battle, and put together your scene there! The only limit to what you can use in constructing your scene is your imagination.

The following prizes are supplied by Action-HQ:

Also, each winner will also receive an exclusive Toy Fair 2004 JAKKS Pacific Vegeta action figure with Chibi Vegeta. This figure is one of only 100 produced, and has already skyrocketed on the secondary market, making it quite hard to come by for non-attendees.

To learn more, check out the contest page!

Posted by Jess Horsley on June 30, 2004 05:03 PM

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