NEW Medicom VCD Kid Goku Figure!

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Amazing new VCD Kid Goku from Medicom!

This one comes to us strait out of the blue! Medicom only just released their astonishing Piccolo figure recently, and Medicom Son Gohan and Super Saiyan Son Goku still have not yet been released… So when these pictures of a Dragonball era, kid Son Goku popped up today, it was most unexpected - but greatly welcomed! So far, he looks fantastic! The inclusion of Goku’s Nyoi-Bô, and the Kinto-Un are two especially nice additions. Not quite sure just how big he is, but he looks fairly sizable!

Also interesting about this release is that fact that Medicom is choosing to release Dragonball figures along with their Dragonball Z characters! Will More first series characters follow? The mind boggles at the possibilities! Will they include GT characters in the mix as well? Only time will tell!

This incredible scoop comes to us from our friends at the Hobby Fighter blog!

Posted by Amanda Sukenick on December 23, 2008 04:56 PM

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