HUGE surprises from Bandai at the Dallas Toy Fair!

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All this and more coming to America from Bandai this year!

WOW! Look at all the amazing playsets and figures that Bandai has lined up for this year! Al these images were taken at the Dallas Toy Fair back in October of 2008, but we are only just seeing them now! Not only great Dragonball Z items, but a few Dragonball goodies mixed in as well! From what I can tell, these are all original sculpts, never before released anywhere else, except for one lot of figures which were originally released in Japan by Megahouse! American re-releases of Megahouse figures is great news for American fans, since they are highly sought after, and are some of the best quality Dragonball figures that you can get! Some other welcome sights are the Bulma figure, a great looking end of Dragonball/beginning of Z era Son Goku, and a currently unreleased figure in the new Deluxe series! This is all set to be one of the best years ever for American Dragonball toy fans!

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Posted by Amanda Sukenick on January 25, 2009 01:33 PM

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