New Dragonball goodies spotted at the 2009 New York Comic-Con!

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Organic makes quite an impression with their new Goku bust at Comic-Con 2009!, which is another site in the fabulous Action Online Newtwork, had the incredible chance this week to check out Comic-Con 2009 in New York, and came back with some amazing shots of new Dragonballl goodies on the way! We have featured images of both of these releases in past news updates here on DBT, but it’s great to actually see close up images this time around, and be able to get a better sense of the quality on these sculpts.

When images first started to pop up of the above Organic Goku bust, no one liked it… However after they see these new images, I doubt they will feel the same! Organic’s Goku bust reminds me so much of the incredible, large scale Goku that Bandai released into America in 1997 - it’s even in almost the exact same classic pose as that figure! Every muscle is incredibly well defined, and the detail is just exquisite. I wasn’t looking forward to this bust at all before, and now I can barely wait to actually see it up close!

Notice the rocks you get with this figure! They can actually be moved around to anywhere you like on the display!

Also on display, at the AAA Anime booth, was the amazing High Dream Corp Piccolo! Again, we have seen pictures of this guy on the front page before, but I swear in every new image I see of this guy, I grow more and more intrigued! The level of detail, as well as the added attraction of the base and rock platform this resin comes with, make it truly something special… A beautiful figure, with an even more stunning presentation!

All in all, some truly amazing Dragonball goodies thrown into the mix at Comic-Con this year! And not only was Dragonball represented, but represented by some really beautiful, high end stuff! To see more images from’s coverage of Comic-Con 2009, please visit the gallery HERE

Posted by Amanda Sukenick on February 10, 2009 01:46 AM

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