Amazing SS Goku Vs. Freeza Sculpture by Beagle!

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Beautiful new work from Beagle!

Beagle is not a company I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning about before, though prototype images if this very piece popped up a few months ago, and no one seemed to know what it was. What’s so interesting about this sculpture to me, is that it actually shows Freeza winning the fight, which is certainly a very interesting choice for them to have made! The detailing looks just exceptional on this thing, and the paint job looks equally fabulous. Between Medicom, Medicos, High Dream Corp and a hand full of others, it’s almost like these companies are trying to actively out do one another, in a mad game of who can stick the most detail on a Goku figure… Here’s to hoping that game never ends!

Not much else I can say about this one yet, but check back for more info as it pops up!

Posted by Amanda Sukenick on March 21, 2009 04:07 AM

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