Shout Out to DBZ Stoopified! Hilarious channel! Check em' out and sub!!!

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DBZ Stoopified! RAH!

There are A LOT of wonderful and very creative Dragonball Toy Youtube channels popping up these days, and so many of them deserve a larger audience than they are getting… DBZ Stoopified is a perfect example! Run on a channel by the name of TakumiKisaragi , DBZ Stoopified is a video series made by two guys, their collection of Dragonball toys, and a great sense of humor! These guys are hilarious! So please check out the link to their channel below and show them some support by subbing!

DBZ Stoopified! RAH!!!

Also, here is my quick little shout out video that I made about Stoopified - the Smuckers jam is a reference to episode 7, “DBZ Stoopified, RAH! Ep. 7 Nut Crakin Christmas”

It really DOES taste different every time!

“Shout Out to DBZ Stoopified! Hilarious channel! Check em’ out and sub!!!”

Posted by Amanda Sukenick on February 1, 2010 05:44 AM

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