Irwin Website news and 12" Figure releases

Irwin has updated their website! The apocalypse is nigh!

Well, maybe not the end of the world, but it must be pretty cold in Hell, anyway. Irwin has posted new wallpapers on their website, which feature four of their new figures: Piccolo, SS Gohan, SS Goku, and SS Vegeta. Check them out if you get a chance! Thanks to for pointing that out to me.

Also, I’ve finally had a chance to get out and verify that the new 12” figures, Tien and Trunks, are indeed out! Both look pretty good, the Trunks is the same as the one at Toyfair, and the Tien is similar, but his neon green pants have been toned down to a darker green for the official release. Also, I noticed while I was out that the new Gundam action figures have hit shelves, so if you’re a Gundam fan, it’s time to start hunting.

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More rebuild, news from the UK

I’ve finished the new page for Irwin’s new Deluxe Imperfect Cell figure, and I’ve replaced the desciption on the ChiaoTzu page, sorry about that. The new pages aren’t live from the old figure pages yet, so that will be my next task.

Also, I’ve redone the existing figure pages so that the preview images are actually smaller files. The large images will only be downloaded when you click on them, so hopefully, this will reduce load time for each main page.

And, here’s an interesting tidbit that I got in my mailbox today from the UK:

While in my local woolworths in liverpool In england (I dont know if there is a liverpool USA ?!) I saw some DBZ figures in strange new packaging. Apparantly these are distributed by a company called kidsbiz and are a rerelease of some of the AB stuff from france including hildegarn and janeba. I was wondering if you knew anything about these strange new toys as the lineup seems very odd to me (2 gotenkses but no ssj vegeta! and the only goku is ssj3 goku!)

If this is correct, it looks like AB is trying to cash in on the new American hype for DBZ. If anyone has images of these releases, please send them in! Thanks to Richard Gregory for sending this in.

And one more note to UK fans—I get a bunch of e-mails about figure and general DBZ merchandise distribution in England—unfortunately, AB still holds the license there, so it’s going to be extremely hard for you to find the new Irwin releases, or anything comissioned by FUNimation. The reason for this, mainly, is that sellers do not want to get in legal trouble for possibly violating copyright laws by selling overseas. I hope to find a place that will soon, and I will attempt to post it in a way that draws little offical attention (read: message boards), so it won’t be noticed by the monster powers.


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More rebuilt pages, a few announcements

The Rebuild progresses, slowly but surely. In this latest update, we have new figure pages for Irwin’s Nappa and ChiaoTzu, as well as the retooled pages that you’ll find in the “Recent Updates” box to the left.

And a few announcements—I’m planning on upgrading UBB sometime tomorrow or Wednesday, the new version has a lot of additional features! Also, if you are having problems registering, write to The Kappa (I feel so weird every time I have to put that “the” in front of his nick—now I know how the members of U2 feel), and he’ll get things straightened out for you.

Also—if you’ve written me an e-mail in the last few weeks, and I haven’t yet written you back, please check the FAQ page, as your question is probably answered there. For those of you who asked other questions, and I haven’t yet written you back, I’m working on it. Please keep in mind that this is a hobby for me, not a full time job! :-)

I’m working on finding out whether or not Irwin will be producing figures for the original Dragonball series—when I get the info, it’ll be posted here!

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The REBUILD, Part 3

Ah, the REBUILD. Good for sneaking up on evil.

Indeed, the rebuild has struck again, this time in the individual figure pages. Check out the new page for Irwin Series 3 Trunks! Check out the new image system, not only does it save layout room, but it’s snazzy too. Click on the small images to see the enlarged versions.

If you’re a message board member, post a note about what you think of the rebuild so far, Portugy started a thread about it. Notice that the rebuild has now struck the boards as well. Thanks!

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Surprisingly, a new customs update! (Part 1)

I really don’t want to take any heat away from the new update… it just happened to be on the same day that I uploaded the first part of the customs update to the site…

After what seems like years of wait after the last submission, I have gotten around to finishing the first part of what was sent to me. Part 1 is the Veteran customizers- Part 2 will be the new customizers, the update that I should get around to in, oh… another twenty years. (Nah… I’ll get them done in a week, two weeks tops)

Anyways, in the meantime, check out what I’ve got up:

Also- before update Part 2, expect me to get the image of Gaiden- the prize from our last contest (Create your own Character) up. I must say, it’s quite a sight to behold. Its maker Great Sage , is really talented. Also, notice the old DBTI logo on the pages… That should change VERY soon, as we’re no longer DBTI…

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The REBUILD, Part 2

Welcome to the new!

I’m Despotes, your host. Let me give you the grand tour. You’ll notice that we’ve gutted the entire homepage, and rebuilt it from scratch.

Play around with the cascading menus to the left—they’re much more efficient than the old listing. For you folks that don’t have Javascript-capable browsers [cough, cough, no excuse, cough cough], I’ll be adding html links at the bottom of the page in a day or so. Also, take some time to look at the new content panels underneath the menus—these are built from your suggestions and questions, so if you have a good idea for one (especially in the next few days), let me know.

I’m working on the prototype for the figures pages as I type this (okay, not really, but you know what I mean), I am aiming to have it up and ready by Thursday night. You’ll love it, I promise. Until then, enjoy!

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Takara Transformers Update!

Takara is serving up platefuls of Transformers goodness!

First, the second set of G1 PVC figures is now in stores. These figures, which come in sealed boxes that give no indication of the figure inside, will be extremely hard to find in about a month, so if you want them, order them now. ACT 2 features colored and clear versions of Grimlock, Minerva, Super Ginrai (Powermaster Optimus Prime), Hot Rod, Galvatron, and Optimus Prime in Truck mode. Rare figures in this set are Galvatron with the Matrix, and Optimus Prime holding Megatron (gun mode).

Second, PVC Act 3 is now available for pre-order! The figures in Act 3 will show more differentiation in height than the previous two series, and it seems that there will be only colored versions, rather than the colored and clear versions. Act 3 will feature Fortress Maximus, Raiden (Trainbot Gestalt), Chromedome, Soundwave, Ironhide, Sixshot, and Bumblebee&Spike. Rare figures will be a clear pink Megatron (from TFTM), and a battle damages Optimus Prime.

Third, Takara has announced a general reissue of the most treacherous of Decepticons, Starscream! The figure will be an exact replica of the original, and is sure to be a collector’s item.

Finally, Takara has announced six new Transformers Generation 1 reissues, which will be released in pairs, as follows:
  • Ironhide&Ratchet
  • Sideswipe&Red Alert
  • Skywarp&Thundercracker

Each pair of figures is from the same basic mold, which explains the reason why they are being released in pairs. Each figure will be an exact replica of the original figure; the only differences for American collectors will be the Japanese package.
These figures are not going into general distribution like previous G1 reissues; rather, they will be special items at various toy shows across Japan, and will be extremely limited, at only 1000 pieces each.

I highly recommend for all of the above, get your orders and pre-orders in early!

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The Rebuild, Part 1

Welcome to the first day of THE REBUILD.

The logo is the first thing to change, and with it, the name of the site. No longer The Dragonball Toy Island, the site is now, simply, DRAGONBALLTOYS.COM. Please change our name the next time you update your link pages!

Furthermore, in the next few days, you’ll see a brand new look for the homepage, a look which will work its way throughout the site as we rebuild each section with the new templates.

Also, individual figure pages will also be rebuilt from scratch, to include many more images and much more information (and necessary corrections will be made).

All in all, the month of April will be a month of renovation for, and you won’t want to miss any of it!

Maybe we’ll even find some actual toy news to report, along the way! :-)

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April Fools!

Okay, so I played a little joke…
Congrats to the people who picked up on it…
I appologize to those who didn’t.

Irwin WILL be continuing the Dragonball Z toy line, don’t worry.
(Just keep in mind- ANY news on the net on April fools day should be taken with a grain of salt)

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