Customs Section Back up

The Custom Figures section is back up, reformatted to fit the new layout. Also, as of this writing, the redeco is 99% complete - hooray for me.

Update - Make that 100% complete. Yee-haw! Now I finally get to spend some quality time with my new wife! :-)

Also—somehow in uploading files, the press images of series 5 were replaced with the old ones from Irwin’s site. Never fear, however, I’ve got a set on the way, so I’ll have the new pages up soon.

Update #2 - No, the links from the link submission window a few weeks back have not been added yet—I decided the revamp had a higher priority. They are the first thing I’ll do when I report back for duty after leaving my hidden cave, I promise.

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Striking Z Fighters Coverage

Thanks to David at Connection MD, I’ve finally gotten coverage of the Irwin Striking Z Fighters cranked out. The reviews and descriptions will come after I’m finished reformatting the site, which should be this weekend if all goes well.


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Customs Section Down for Renovation

Hey folks, just wanted to let everyone know that the customs section will be down for a day or two while it’s being reformatted, as it’s too big a job to do on the fly. So don’t panic. :-)

And again, if anyone has comments or suggestions on the current layout, let me know.

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More Series 5!

In addition to the new series 5 figures on eBay, we also have brand-spankin’ new press images of the set, to be found here. Enjoy!

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Series 5 is out!

Yes, you heard right folks. Series 5 is definitely out! Very soon, they’ll be popping up in stores near you. As of now, they’re on eBay.

Click Here to see the ENTIRE Series 5 collection going on eBay in one auction!

Thanks to TekkamanBlade and Puar for help on finding this!

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Irwin's status with IF Labs

Just figured I’d jump on to clarify this one thing from Corey’s post from—

While IF Labs will be producing figures from the Dragonball Z movies and (possibly) the Dragonball series, Irwin will CONTINUE producing their 5” action figure line, based on the DBZ SERIES. According to representatives from FUNimation, IF Labs is not intended to take over for Irwin, nor is it intended to compete with Irwin’s great line of toys.

So, IF Labs = DBZ movie figures for collectors, and Irwin Toy = DBZ series figures for everybody. Got it? Good.

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Irwin and Funimation deal officially announced!

It’s official!

Irwin and Funimation have come together to make a new toy company called IF Labs! They made the announcement this previous week at the Wizard World convention in Chicago!

And, since we were unable to make it to Wizard World this year, our buddies over at managed the scoop!

“IF action figures will be made with the collector in mind using exceptional paint detail and sculpting. The mission of IF Labs is to create product of the highest quality and value,” reports Gen Fukunaga, Co-Manager of IF Labs and President of FUNimation.

IF Labs premieres January 2002 with the Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection. Series One of the collection will star

*Battle Damaged Super Saiyan Goku
*Battle Damaged Piccolo
*evil nemesis Cooler

all from the Direct to Home Video Dragon Ball Z Feature Film “Cooler’s Revenge” to be released January 22, 2002. Also joining this infamous lineup is Lord Slug, the evil meance in the Direct to Home Video Dragon Ball Z Feature Film entitled Lord Slug.

Each figure will measure from 7-8” in height, with a yet undecided retail price, though IF stated that it will be competitive with the existing collector market. A major Fast Food toy promotion is also planned. No figure prototypes were on display at the Con, but expect images a few months before their debut.

The article then goes on to announce IF Labs’ plans for a second series of Dragonball Z Movie figures (Based on Movie 6 titled “Cooler’s Revenge” here in North America) and a set of figures based on the original Dragonball series!

The article does not mention if Irwin’s Fully articulated line will continue beyond 2002 or if it will end where IF Lab’s Movie line begins…

To read the whole article, please click HERE

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I just want to be the first to actually say that yes, the old layout (which was new just a month or two ago) was really bad. Those menus were annoying and took a lot of time to load on many systems, and the whole layout never really matured as I had envisioned.

Anyway—this is the new layout. Very snazzy, if I do say so myself, and indeed, has entered the 00’s with the addition of the flash logo (which is not necessarily a final version) and a few other goodies that I’m currenly debugging.

Also, the new Irwin page will be filled out as I do the pages for each individual toy line, as many of them still have yet to be made.

Lots of work for me this weekend, but this is the stuff I love.

Let me know what you think on the message boards! Also, if it looks wrong on your system (layout-wise, I mean), please let me know exactly what looks wrong with it so I can address those issues. Thanks.

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Yamcha and Tien figures from Irwin?

Randy Troy, aka Yamcha1031 on the message boards, has received the following e-mail from the nice folks at Irwin Toy, in response to an e-mail inquiring about upcoming action figures of Yamcha and Tien:

Dear Mr. Troy,

Thank you for your e-mail and for your interest in our products.

I am glad to hear you are a big fan of Dragonball Z, so are we here at Irwin Toy. Our team of toy developers is working very hard to bring you the character figures you want to see on store shelves, so thank you for your feedback.

You will be able to find Yamcha with Puar in May 2002 and Tien in September 2002. Please keep in mind these are approximate dates only.

Should you have any other questions please do not hesitate to e-mail me at (e-mail removed).

I hope you continue to enjoy watching and collecting Dragonball Z.

I hope everyone will be satisfied with this—they actually do listen to feedback, folks. Irwin Toy’s good people. :)

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Palisades Future Trunks Mini-Bust Available

The Palisades Future Trunks mini-bust is now available at specialty stores! Retailing for roughly $50, this piece is a Georgia Music exclusive, and will be harder to find than the other mini-busts.

Click these links for a front and back views of the box.

Thanks again to my hero Brian Mitchell for sending this in!

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New Irwin Figures, Figure Vehicles!

Hey everybody! There are some new Irwin figures out now…remember those Figure Vehicles from Toy Fair? They’re out! You can find SS Gohan, SS Goku, and Trunks on eBay, and it won’t be long before they’re seen over the various store on the web with Dragonball Z merchandise!

Here are a few pictures of the new figures:

Dragonball Z Jet Momonga w/ S.S. Gohan

Dragonball Z Sky Bike #341 w/ S.S. Goku

Thanks to CLAND97 and Touji for giving me the information. They also sent me the pictures.

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Link Submissions are OVER--all over...

Folks—the links submission window was closed a long time ago. The call for people to re-send links was for folks who made it in the original window, not a new invitation. However, that might not have been clear, so all the links I have received up until now will be considered. But NO MORE. Thanks.

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