Energy Glow Figures Released

Irwin’s Energy Glow figures are beginning to hit stores, so start checking around! In the final release, the figures are held to the bases by a magnet, which means they can indeed be removed from the bases for display.

Thanks to Bobcat37 from the message boards for the heads up.

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It’s finally happened— has officially joined Action Online, parent company to great sites such as,, and the other best sites for individual toy licenses.

What does this mean for Well, as part of the network, we’ll now have the financial backing to make some long-desired improvements to the site (such as database connectivity), as well as making the bandwidth problems that plagued us in the last few months disappear like a bad dream.

Furthermore, as part of the Action Online network, we’ll now have more chances to cover larger events, such as toy shows and the like. This is an excellent move for us, and it opens a great door for all kinds of new, exciting possibilities.

Let’s hear what you think! Sound off in the discussion boards!

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Kids Biz DBZ Site!

For those of you who live in the UK, your local distributor of the old AB Dragonball sets is Kids Biz, who has set up a site listing their releases. It’s a fun site, check it out!

Also, Kids Biz’ lastest releases include Skinny Buu, Videl Saiyaman, and Gogeta, which you may be able to find on eBay. Good hunting!

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Irwin Striking Z Fighters, Series 2!

Irwin’s second series of Striking Z Fighters will be hitting shelves in the next few weeks, and you can get a preview of them here! Check out our exclusive images of Great Saiyaman, Goku, Krillin, and Perfect Cell!

Also, I’ve posted images of Series 7 Goku, including a side-by-side comparison of Series 7 Goku and Series 4 Goku. There are actually quite a few differences, including a pretty substantial size difference.

As always, keep coming back for more exclusive news!

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Dragonball - Live Action Movie?

Directly from the FUNimation horse’s mouth:

The heroes from your favorite series are headed to the big screen. 20th Century FOX announced the acquisition of feature film rights to the “DragonBall” property, and is planning for its studio division, FOX 2000, to develop a live action movie based on the property. This is very exciting news for Dragon Ball Z fans.

FUNimation Vice President and Producer Daniel Cocanougher had this to say: “FUNimation is very excited to be working with FOX in their production of a live-action Dragon Ball Z Feature Film. FOX plans to place this movie on a fast-track production schedule, and may have a movie released as early as Fall 2003 or Summer 2004. FOX is an excellent movie studio, producing such huge hits as X-Men and Star Wars, among many others. They feel that this project will not end with one movie, but will become a major, multi-picture franchise like Star Wars. Clearly, this is a remarkable upward turning point for the Dragon Ball Z property. It will also be very interesting for all Dragon Ball Z fans to try to predict the names of the stars, the director and producers, and the storyline that will be used. FUNimation plans for its web site,, to be the focal point of information on the production of the movie and all the fan events leading up to it. We would like to thank all the Dragon Ball Z fans worldwide for creating the excitement that allows such a major announcement as this—the new, completely original, live-action movie: Dragon Ball Z.”

Commentary: This is a mixed bag, in my opinion. It’s good news that there will be a new DBZ product in the works. Unfortunately, I believe that DBZ is too “cartoony” a property to properly make it to the big screen. For the characters to be played by actors, their looks will have to be completely changed, and in big-studio properties like this, the characters themselves will probably be warped, as well. However, if FUNimation has enough control to keep the film fairly down to earth, we might have something more like X-Men, and not TMNT: The Movie. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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IF Labs DBZ and DB series 2 images added!

We’ve gotten new images of IF Labs’ DBZ and DB series 2 figures!

First, we have new images of Mai, Launch, Yamcha and Goku from the Dragonball line with their bases!

And, we have HUGE new images of Goku, Krillin, and Meta Cooler from the DBZ line!

Check them out, both of these are set for release in late summer/ early fall.

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Series 7 Vegeta - reminder

Just a reminder, folks—the corrected (yellow hair) Series 7 Majin Vegeta figure, that was first released with black hair, should be hitting stores any time now. If you want the black-haired version, you had better grab any you see.

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Server move complete

We’ve finished what I hope will be our FINAL SERVER MOVE. Everything should be functional, let me know if you run into any problems.

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