Planet Namek Closed

Planet Namek has shut their doors for good, it seems. It is a sad day for the online DBZ community, and the site will be missed.

But $20K a month at their high point! What in the world am I doing so wrong?

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Irwin Updates

SS GohanI’ve added press photos of Irwin’s new Energy Glow (scroll past the image on that page for links) figures to the Irwin section. These figures should be hitting shelves this month, or early next month.

I’ve also added a large image of Goten&Trunks from Series 8. Whether these are the final versions, or the versions that were sent back for revisions I don’t know, but I would assume they are NOT the final versions. I’ll post when I find out for sure.

And finally, don’t forget to check out our 2002 Toy Fair coverage, if you haven’t already!

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Irwin 5" Figure Images

Yes, Toywiz and Connection MD have images from the Irwin catalog of upcoming series. I’m well aware of it, PLEASE stop sending me e-mails about it. I appreciate your efforts, but I’m tired of having to flush my inbox every day.

I will put the images up. I haven’t yet because Irwin asked us not to, and I want to talk to them to try to work out which figures are more finalized, and which will still be undergoing major changes. No, we weren’t singled out about this, I’m sure I’m probably the only one who bothered to ask them in the first place. I try to work with Irwin—you’ll notice no one else got close-ups of any of the new figures but us. That’s why.

Anyway, just be patient. I’ll get them up sooner or later.

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IF Labs Site Updated

IF Labs has updated their website with images of Dragonball&Dragonball Z lines 1&2, the variant figures from the first DBZ series, and the first series of Yu Yu Hakusho figures.

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Series 7 Coverage Up

Great SaiyamanI’ve just put up coverage for four fo the five figures from Irwin’s Series 7, here. Check out the images for Great Saiyaman, Gohan, Spopovich, and the black-haired Majin Vegeta. The photos are larger than usual, and may take a little longer to download, but they’re worth it.

Also, I’ve added Series 6 Goku to the site, as I finally broke down and purchased it.

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Irwin Toy&IF Labs - Toyfair 2002 Coverage!

Evil BuuI’ve just posted our coverage of Irwin Toy and IF Labs from the 2002 NY Toyfair! They have all kinds of great products lined up for 2002.

Because they love us so much, the Irwin staff allowed us exclusive images of some of the upcoming figures that no-one else was allowed to photograph. Head to the Toyfair coverage page and check them out!

Also, for comprehensive Toyfair coverage, check out the excellent stuff at

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TOYFAIR - Palisades

Palisades has confirmed that their line of DBZ mini-busts is, well, bust. With the release of Perfect Cell and Android 18, the line is probably over. They may release more of those announced at last year’s Toyfair, but it doesn’t look good.

However,Palisades’ Muppet Show line and their GI-Joe Mini-busts looked great.

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Irwin series 7&8 - Images Added!

Images of Irwin’s series 7&8, finally released, have been added to the Irwin section. Series 8 will include Dabura, Super Saiyan Gohan, ‘Angelic’ Goku, Videl, and Trunks&Goten.

Also, I’ve updated the lineups for series 9-12, with the latest information available. Hopefully it won’t change too much in the future!

Of course, we’ll be confirming all of this this weekend at Toyfair, watch for our Irwin coverage on Monday night!

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Takara Transformers News

Takara has just announced on their e-hobby site that they are expanding the Transformers Mega SCF line to include Megatron and Star Saber. Each figure will be approximately 5” tall, and will come loaded with accessories.

Also, Takara has posted full-color images of PVC Act 7, which look great. Enjoy.

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