Teaser or Hoax?

DarkHorizons.com posted an interesting image today of what appears to be early promotional / concept art for the up and coming DBZ Live action movie.
This isn’t confirmed to be authentic, but it sure looks cool—
Check it out HERE.
And, while I know that this isn’t exactly DBZ toy related news, it’s something interesting to show that DBZ is far from fading here in North America!

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Series 10-12 Delayed!

According to Toy Wiz.com and other online retailers, Series 10-12 have each been pushed back a month from their previously estimated shipping dates. This puts Series 10 to be released in September. No big surprises there.

Thanks to Great Saiyaman from the boards for pointing this out.

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Yellow-Haired Majin Vegeta FINALLY hitting stores

Majin VegetaI’ve receieved more than a few e-mails from people saying they’ve seen and/or purchased the corrected version of Majin Vegeta from series 7. This corrected version has yellow hair instead of black hair.

I haven’t yet seen this myself, and I’m not sure on the distribution, but I’ll see what I can find out about how it’s being shipped to retailers. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks to SS3 Vegito from the message boards for the photo.

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Sponsor News - Pre-order Series 9 at Toywiz.com!

Toywiz.com is offering Irwin’s Series 9 for pre-order! These figures are set to hit stores in July, be the first to own them!

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Beckett Exclusive Gold Hair Majin Vegeta Revealed!

Beckett Exclusive Majin VegetaBeckett Dragonball Z Collector has just posted an image of the exclusive Majin Vegeta figure. At this time, the figure is only available with new subscriptions, but that may change depending on demand.

Edit: Beckett has changed their subscription pages, so if you want to see the image, check out this message board thread.

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Something interesting to note...

Hero Collection CardsJust a little odd tidbit…
It would appear that Irwin is starting to replace the Dragonball Z Score CCG cards with exclusive Hero Collection cards!
The most recent wave of Series 7 sent out features these cards, so expect the possibility of all new releases to feature these much cooler (in my humble opinion) cards…

For images, check out this message board thread.

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Irwin Series 9 - Official Images Released

Irwin Series 9 BabidiIrwin has just released final images of the upcoming Series 9 figures. This set, which includes Babidi, Majin Buu, PuiPui, Hercule and Krillin should be hitting shelves in July.

It’s funny, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen these images somewhere before… :)

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Transformers G1 in the USA!

Hasbro has confirmed on their website that they are going to release Optimus Prime, Hot Rod (now Rodimus Major), and Ultra Magnus! All three figures will be Toys R Us exclusives, OP and Magnus are quoted at $39.99 on the website, while Hot Rod (I just can’t get used to the name RM) is quoted at $17.99.


I love the smell of Transformers in the morning!

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Rumors? We prefer "Information yet to be confirmed"

Lots of Irwin info flying around lately, here’s a taste:

Toys R Us has posted pre-order links (no pix) for series 13 on their website, with a lineup consisting of Pikkan with head wrap, Super Saiyan Vegito-blond hair, Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks with yellow ball, and Kibitoshin. Irwin hasn’t confirmed these yet, but one assumes TRU wouldn’t just make things up. We’ll see when everyone else comes back to work on Monday. (Thanks to VegetaJr18 for the heads up there.)

Also, user Atamaii has posted the following on the message boards (MB thread):

Here is some info Irwin passed to retailers you may be interested in:

The SS Trunks and SS Goten 2 packs from series 8 will be available as a solid case and are shipping now.

Series 10 and 11 changes: Bulma moves out of series 10 and into series 11. SS3 Goku (with the big hair) moves out of series 11 and into series 10.

No model kits series 4 this year. (Dabura, Spopovich, Great Saiyaman, and SS Gohan).

No mention of any yellow haired or any-haired Vegeta. Can we just let it go?

Some release date changes. Next dates for things are: Series 9 mid Jul, small vehicles late Jul, large vehicles late Aug, Yu Yu Hakusho series 1 is already late (and was not made in great numbers).

This info is reliable, I will try to confirm it myself. Unfortunately for me, Irwin’s sales departments are much more forthcoming than their PR department…

And finally, for those of you who are interested, BigBadToyStore is shipping Mega PVC Megatrons this week. Order now if you haven’t yet.
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