Irwin New Packaging - EBay Preview!

Irwin’s new packaging is starting to trickle out onto the streets of Hong Kong, and is now showing up on eBay.

Here are auctions with the new packaging for all of the series 11 figures:

Majin Buu
Super Saiyan 3 Goku
Supreme Kai with Kibito
Super Saiyan Gohan

UPDATE: The pictures on eBay are actually leaked internal Irwin images of card mock-ups. While the packaging is accurate, the image is not necessarily the real thing.

Irwin’s Battle-Ravaged line will start shipping in similar packaging with Series 12, early next year.

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New SBC Vol. 00 Re-release!

Bandai of Japan is re-releasing Super Battle Collection Vol. 00, Son Gokou Perfect Version, in all-new packaging! This 2002 version comes in a brown, antique-styled box with scenes from the anime on the back.

Check out images here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Thanks to easyshop88 for the information, he’s got a few of these on eBay right now, click here to check them out!

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Irwin New Energy Glow & Striking Z Fighters - Images Up!

We’ve got photo treatments for Irwin’s new Energy Glow series 2, and Striking Z Fighters series 3. EG2 includes SS3 Goku, SS3 Gotenks, and SS Vegeta with Halo; SZF3 includes SS3 Goku, Daburah, Super Buu, and SS3 Gotenks (pictures of whom will come soon).

Check out the pictures here!

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"Kubrick" style DBZ figures - Images Up!

Well, they’re not licensed, and they’re not really Kubricks, but they’re pretty nice nonetheless. Check out photos of the “Kubrick” style Dragonball Z toys here. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on the quality of the individual pieces. Enjoy.

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Irwin Model Kits Series 3 - Images Up!

Irwin’s third series of model kits are light years ahead of the previous two. In case you missed the first two, they were bit-for-bit exactly the same as the AB or Bandai kits. Each figure, with very little exception, was the exact same as the others, except for the head and the clothes.

Irwin’s really made incredible improvements with this third series. Each figure’s entire body is a unique mold, with unique sculpting and accessories. Each figure has special features that really make it stand out, for instance:
  • Android 20 has a removable hat, with an exposed brain, just like the action figure.
  • Android 16 has a spring-launcher that shoots his hand clear across the room (as opposed to the Android 16 figure, the hand on which is simply removable).
  • Cell’s armor is not molded in, but is in fact made up of separate pieces which attach over his skin (which is blue). The construction makes a huge difference in the final look of the figure. Also, this figure has the purple sideburns, unlike other Irwin Cell figures.
  • Gohan’s body mold is much smaller than the other figures’. That’s about it for Gohan, other than his cape.
These models are the first Irwin has released that are really worth their sticker price. Pick them up today, in huge numbers, and convince Irwin that this series is worth continuing!

Check out our images here!
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Sponsor News - DBZ Series 11 at! now has all of the DBZ Series 11 Figures in Stock
including SS Goku 3, Evil Buu, Bulma, S.S. Gohan, Suprem Kai and Kibito.

Quantites are very limited so please hurry. We are also running a special on DBZ Series 10 figures, all 5 figures for $29.97.

Check it out here!

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IF Labs DBZ Series 2 4-Pack - K-Mart Exclusive!

IF Labs has produced an exclusive DBZ Series 2 4-Pack that you’ll only be able to find at K-Mart! This pack, which includes all of the series 2 figures, also features an exclusive gold-haired Super Saiyan Vegeta.

At my local K-Mart, this pack was priced at $49.99, though reports have been posted of it being cheaper in other areas.

Check it out here!

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DBZ Budokai for PS2 to be released Dec 4

In the interest of timely posts and my own state of busy-ness, I’ll just let you all read the press release:

Infogrames, Inc. (NASDAQ: IFGM) is proud to announce today that its upcoming Dragon Ball Z®: Budokai™ video game, exclusively for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, will ship to retail December 4, 2002. The Dragon Ball® and Dragon Ball Z® franchises are global blockbusters that have generated over $3 billion in related merchandising sales worldwide and over 500 animated episodes. In addition, DBZ was the number-one rated show among all U.S. cable TV programs for tweens 9-14, boys 9-14 and men 12-24 during this season’s launch line-up.

With the game available for the holidays, Dragon Ball Z® fans and fighting game aficionados alike will be able enjoy more of this popular franchise by entering the world of this highly-rated animated series on Cartoon Network and engage in high-intensity fighting battles, each one more epic than the one before. Featuring a totally authentic, high-energy Dragon Ball Z® fighting experience, the Dragon Ball Z®: Budokai™ game invites players to relive some of their favorite moments from the Dragon Ball Z® animated series by becoming their favorite Dragon Ball Z® character and conquering all challengers.

Dragon Ball Z®: Budokai™ spans from the Saiyan™ Saga through the Cell Games Saga and allows players to experience the fantastic DBZ universe. The game features five heart-pounding fighting modes, including Story Mode, where players reenact some of the most exciting fighting scenes from the animated series, and Tournament Mode, where players can face off to crown a single DBZ fighting champion. The game includes 23 of the most famous DBZ heroes and villains in full 3D, spans 29 levels, and features over 60 different combo moves per character, including some of their infamous attacks from the animated series.

“We are very excited to bring the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai game exclusively to the PlayStation 2,” said Paul Rinde, senior vice president of Infogrames. “The anime series has achieved blockbuster status in North America with its array of fantastic characters and stories, and Infogrames has authentically captured that same magic in our PlayStation 2 game.”

Gen Fukunaga, president of FUNimation productions said, “This title provides a truly authentic DBZ experience that every avid fan has been anticipating. From the original FUNimation voice actors to the accuracy of the characters, environments and storyline, this game truly brings Dragon Ball Z to life.”

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Irwin's New DBZ Theme for 2003 - BATTLE-RAVAGED!

Irwin Toy will be continuing their wildly successful series of action figures and vehicles based on the Dragonball license in 2003 with a new theme: “BATTLE-RAVAGED”.

This radical concept will take existing assortments — their basic 5” line, “Energy Glow” series, vehicles and playsets — and take them to the battle ravaged outskirts of the DBZ universe by adding “Battle Blaster Damage”. Rough and tough is the idea here, and it will also be incorporated into several new intriguing toy arenas such as “Power Strikers” and “Battle Scenes”.

Stay glued for further information and images!

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Z-Store Catalog Scans - IF DBZ Series 4!

Those of you who have not received a copy of the 2002 Z-Store Catalog are in luck, as we’ve got your scans right here.

The most siginificant bits of information from this catalog are a first look at IF Labs DBZ series 4, as well as a shot of a Z-Store exclusive IF Labs Golden Goku.

At the moment, I’ve only been able to scan the IF Labs DBZ series 4 images, but as time permits, the rest of the toy and voice actor images from the catalog will be uploaded to the gallery as well. Check back this weekend for the full update!

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Funimation's Confirmation of DBGT

From this month’s Club Z Newsletter:

The wait is almost over. Dragon Ball GT is coming to the United States. We just started production on this eagerly awaited continuation of the Dragon Ball Z saga.

We are very excited about Dragon Ball GT because we know how much our fans are looking forward to its release. As a matter of fact over 100,000 fans answered our Dragon Ball GT poll, and an astounding 96% already plan to watch GT. Sonny Strait, the voice of Krillin, has taken on the directorial role for Dragon Ball GT.

The first home video release is scheduled for early spring of 2003, so get ready as FUNimation takes Dragon Ball Z to the next level with Dragon Ball GT.

Everyone expected this already, but there is some concrete information there for the first time. Let’s hope Irwin follows suit with announcing their plans next!

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