JAKKS upcoming display at Toyfair

The New York Toyfair is coming up in just a few weeks. Our coverage will begin on Friday, February 14, and will continue until the following Tuesday.

But a bit of interesting news has come out in the preparations for the show—according to sources at FUNimation, JAKKS Pacific will not only have a display promoting their Dragonball Z figures, but their Dragonball and Dragonball GT figures as well!

That’s right, DBGT from JAKKS Pacific! And you thought you had plans for Valentine’s Day? Of course you don’t—you’re going to be glued to your computer monitor, waiting for all of our precious Dragonball Toyfair coverage!

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Win One of Five MechWarriors Signed by Wiz Kids' Jordan Weisman

Dragonballtoys.com and figures.com, in conjunction with JoyRide Studios and WizKids, are pleased to offer five lucky winners a MechWarrior: Dark Age action figure signed by Jordan Weisman, founder and CEO of WizKids, creator of the “MechWarrior: Dark Age” turn-dial game, and the lead designer and universe creator of the original BattleTech role playing game.

Prizes include One (1) Legionnaire, One (1) Forestry Mech, One (1) Jupiter, and Two (2) Mad Cat II’s. Each collectible figure is constructed of durable plastic and die-cast metal and stars stunning articulation.

To enter, all you need to do is submit your email address. Click Here to Enter the Contest.

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New Banpresto Arcade Prizes

That’s right, Banpresto is coming out with some new arcade prizes. The DBZ figures included in the arcade prize will be found in two series.

Series 1: SSJ Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Yamcha

Series 2: Trunks, Krillin, SSJ Goku, Vegeta, Tenshinhan

Here are the images!

Series 1 and some of Series 2 (Loose)

Series 2 (Boxed)

Hopefully these figures will be imported. If they are imported, it will be hard to determine the price, since they are arcade prizes.

Thanks to Emerje from the message boards. Further information may be discussed in this topic here.

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DBT layout goes XHTML/CSS

After multiple attempts at converting the table-laden Dragonballtoys.com layout to pure XHTML/CSS, I have finally come to a solution I think I like.

What are XHTML and CSS, you ask? XHTML is a coding standard that takes HTML 4 and gives it XML functionality. It’s much stricter, but much more rewarding in its markup and results. XHTML is used to provide the content of the site, but without any layout information.

Layout information is provided by CSS. Using extensively-nested tables for layout, as we used to, is a bastardization of the HTML table—they were meant to hold tabular data, never for layout. Now that most current browsers have decent support for CSS, however, we can leave tabular layout behind, and completely seperate style and layout from content. Yee-haw.

Rather than worrying about backward compatibility, the site now looks forward. Unfortunately, that means that the layout of the site will suffer in non-CSS compliant browsers, such as Netscape Navigator 4.x. If you’re using one of these older browsers (if you see our upgrade notice above, I’m talking to you), or if you’d like to learn more about what I’ve described, check out the Web Standards Project.

I’ll be converting the rest of the site as time permits. If you find something that appears buggy, or if you have suggestions, sound off on our message boards.

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Dragonball Z Videogame News

Some interesting Dragonball Z videogame news, it would seem that Ultimate Battle 22 is set to be translated and released on U.S. shores on March 26th for the PSX.

This is one of the better Dragonball Z vids, so those who haven’t imported it, now’s your chance to play this sweet game.

Also, Dragonball Z: Legacy II- Future Shock is also slated for release June 25th of this year for the GBA. This is good news for fans of the first game.

Thanks to Bobcat from the boards for the heads up in his latest Bobcat Report.

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Dragonballtoys.com and Action Online present the Collectors Database!

We’re entering 2003 with a strong new feature, one that will allow you to manage your collection like nothing before. Once you’ve signed in to the Collectors Database, you’ll be able to track your have and want lists, the condition of your figures, variations, and more! You can not only save and print lists of your collection, but if you choose, you can make them public for everyone to see!

This new system also includes a feature for which many people have been asking for a long time: a price guide. So, not only can you track your collection, but you can also track its value easily.

Search or browse the extensive database by Manufacturer, Line, Series, Item, Character, Newly Added, Updated, and many other options. No registration is required to browse the pictures and information.

Sign up for the Dragonballtoys.com Collectors Database today!

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