A flurry of new Dragonball releases

I’ve just returned from Toys R Us with a handful of toy sightings. The first series of Dragonball figures are out, at a $7.99 price point. Furthermore, TRU had the DBZ 2-packs (which I’ve seen in many places over the weekend), the Absorbing Buu Playset, and the DBZ Battle Warriors.

Also, Nefus writes in to report a sighting of the TRU exclusive 7-pack described two posts below.

Ah, my heart is warmed by the fact that Dragonball once again has a whole shelf to itself at Toys R Us, after months of losing ground to Digimon and other pretenders.

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New Banpresto Prize Items for 2004

At a recent show Banpresto has shown off some new prize items. This includes:

You can see the non-Dragonball items from the show here. Thanks goes to Ray H. for the links.

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Toy R Us Exclusive DBZ figures

TRU Exclusive Dragonball Kids Pack

From DragonballZ.com:

Never before have all your favorite young Z fighters been in the same box! Each 7 figure set will include Goku and Krillin from Dragon Ball; Goten and Trunks from Dragon ball Z, and of course Gotenks. As a special Toy “R” Us exclusive, this pack also includes two figures seen only in, the Dragon Ball Z manga: Police Trunks and Police Gohan. Nowhere else will you be able to find all 7 figures in the same box with never before seen exclusive figures. So be the first one in line when these puppies hit the shelves this August.

See more images and sound off in our discussion boards!

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