JAKKS Series 16 in stores

series 16

It looks like DBZ series 16 is hitting store shelves. Theimmortalvegeta from our message boards has posted images of his purchase, click on the link to discuss!

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Scene Stealers II - 4 more days!

You’ve only got four more days to submit your entry for the Scene Stealers II contest!

Entries so far have been incredible - not a single one has been turned down. Competition is extremely stiff this time, so be sure to get your entires in before the deadline of 11:59 PM EST on July 31!

View all of the approved entries here!

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Ultimate Figure Series wave 4?

UFS Wave 4

Image Anime has posted a pre-order for what looks to be series 4 of the Bandai Ultimate Figure Series - Piccolo and Frieza!

Thanks to BlazeEagle for the link.

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DBGT, The Lost Episodes Vol. 1 out tomorrow!

dbgtvol1.jpgAvailable Tuesday, July 13: Dragon Ball GT – The Lost Episodes – Reaction (Volume 1)!

After departing the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku and Uub are nearly finished with their intense training session at the Lookout. In fact, Dende considers it a miracle that the Lookout is still in once piece! But all is not well. Emperor Pilaf has managed to summon Shenron! With the planet’s future hanging by a single wish from Pilaf’s mouth, Goku braces for the worst. What does Pilaf desire? And more importantly, what does he get?! See where the final chapter of Goku’s incredible story begins!


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Japanese Toy Giant Kaiyodo to make American debut at SDCC!

Over the past decade, Comic Con International: San Diego has taken on a more international flavor with the amazing works of Japan’s anime and manga masters. And along with the comics and videos, various products based on their creations have become a staple at the show.

This year, Japanese toy manufacturing giant, Kaiyodo - known worldwide for their amazing toys and statues based on some of anime and manga’s most popular licenses - will have a full display booth attached to that of Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. (booth #2401), their official North American distributor.

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Japan Update for the month of June

Sorry for the wait, I’ve had a really bad month of June. Here are some of the things that are out and things that are coming out soon in Japan!
Hyperfiguration series 2

don’t know what these are

set of SD figures

second set of SD figures

posing figures set 4 or 5

I don’t have a clue what these are or if they are figures

flying nimbus pillow cushion

buu cookie jar

korin cookie jar

new gashapons that come in dragonballs

these figures project images on the wall like a slide projector

I forgot what the series these are from is called, but the previous one had Gohan and Trunks in a car dressed like police and Goten riding a dinosaur or bird or something.

these are what Despotes posted, I forgot what they are

And that’s all for this month’s Japan update.

As usual, I am selling some customs and other figures on ebay, if you are interested, please click here to see my items on ebay I will be adding more figures each day, or try to, so keep checking back!

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