Case Closed - in stores today!

Case Closed

FUNimation’s newest anime, CASE CLOSED (known as Detective Conan in Japan) makes its way into stores today!


Within the high stakes world of police work exists a surplus of capable detectives. These detectives work with police to uncover the clues needed to track down and apprehend the most vile criminals. Jimmy Kudo is just such a detective. But there is something unique about Jimmy…he is still in high school! As Jimmy aids the frustrated Officer Meguire in a homicide investigation at a crowded amusement park, two mysterious men in black assault the super sleuth and feed him an experimental drug, which causes him to shrink to childhood size. Now, as the indomitable Detective Conan, Jimmy must seek out clues to his assailants as he struggles to keep his secret from the one person he cares for most.


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Scene Stealers II - Staff Pick Winner

Vegeta's Final Words

The administrators and moderators of the DBT message boards have finally finished voting on the Scene Stealers II entries, and the staff pick is:

Vegeta’s Final Words by Brandon Brown


Dorda Goku and Custom Vegeta


Vegeta: “Your father, and mine, t-the whole planet, he blew it up… it’s true, no one survived but us… ask him if you want…h-he’s proud of it.”
Goku: “Please stop talking, it’s sapping all your strength!”
Vegeta: “N-no… listen… you have to hear this…we worked so h-hard for him… we did everything he asked of us, and more… He took me from my father when I was just a little boy, he made me do whatever he wanted and said he would kill my father if I didn’t… I did everything he asked… but he killed him anyway, along with everyone else. He was scared of us, scared that a Super Saiyan would be born one day and rise up to overthrow him.”
Frieza: “Mmm, a touching story.”
Vegeta: “achh….achh….”
Goku: “Please, no more, save your strength.”
Vegeta: “Kakarot, please, destroy Frieza, he made me what I am… Don’t let h-him do it-t to…a-anyone else… W-whatever it t-takes, stop him…p-p-pleasseeee… achh…”

Wow, that was a tough choice, the competitors this time around were all incredible. I’ll be getting in touch with our staff pick winner tonight, so congrats go to Brandon, and thanks to everyone who entered!

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The newest Dragonball Z feature - Bojack Unbound!

Bojack Unbound

Next week will see the release of the newest Dragonball Z feature - Bojack Unbound!

The infamous millionaire X.S. Cash is funding the most amazing martial arts tournament the Universe has ever seen! The four tournament finalists must do battle with warriors representing the four corners of the galaxy in a decisive battle to see who gains the right to challenge The Champ for the ultimate championship!

But a ragged band of criminals have a scheme of their own: take over the tournament and conquer the Universe in the process! Their leader is the incredibly powerful Bojack, an evil menace who has broken free of his stellar confines!

With Goku incapable of helping eradicate the planet’s latest threat and Earth?s greatest heroes falling one by one, the young Gohan must look deep within himself to find the power to destroy the wicked invaders. Can Gohan summon enough strength to deliver the finishing blow?

Check out the trailers on the FUNimation website:

large | medium | small

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Scene Stealers II - And the winner is...

Two birds with one stone by Eric Villanueva


Goku’s ultimate sacrifice. Stop your brother, RADITZ!


The Goku and Raditz figures are from the new JAKKS Bro vs. Bro series. After seaching weeks and about ten store across two counties I didn’t think I would be able to find them and thus not be able to complete my scene. The Piccolo is custom built from, yep you guessed it, the Burger King Piccolo. The head and feet were from SBC Piccolo. I used a wire hanger for joints, then added Citadel epoxy putty to hold the pose. Some Sculpey III was used to shape the folds where the joints are as well as his chest and neck. The beam is made entirely out of Sculpy and foil. The hanger served as a base and also goes into his arm to be held in place. All the Sculpey was baked in my car for about 4hrs.The background an ground are both hand painted with acrylic paints, the same I used to dry brush Picollo. A small lamp was used to try to eliminate shadowing on the beam.

Eric won with 17.76% of the vote, out of 107 votes total. The staff pick will be announced tomorrow. Congratulations Eric, and thanks to all who entered the contest!

Don’t forget to check out Action-HQ for all the best prices on hard-to-find Asian Dragonball items!

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JAKKS DBGT VS. packs in stores now!

ShinAkuma of the DBT discussion boards has found JAKKS’ new DBGT 2-packs in Wisconsin. He’s posted images in the thread, click on the link to check them out!

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Scene Stealers II - Voting Begins!

Voting has begun for the winner of the Scene Stealers II contest!

To vote, you must be a registered member of the Discussion Boards. To view all of the entries on one page, see the contest page.

Scene Stealers II is sponsored by Action-HQ, check out their store for rare Asian Dragonball toys!

Click here to vote for your favorite entry!

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