Dragonball Evolution Action Figures Press Release photos! From Toy Fair 2009!

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Action Online, the fantastic mother-ship behind DBT, visited the New York Toy Fair today, and was able to get some amazing new press release photos of the upcoming Dragonball Evolution action figures from Bandai! The pictures above are of the new 4” Movie Action Figure line! (Which will be released in May 2009, retailing at $7.99) The packaging on the 4” figures will form the image of Shenron when they are all lined up together. Each figure will also come with an extra Dragonball and base, that will allow you to build an Oozaru when you collect them all! We also have new images of the 6” figure line, (Also coming out in May, and retailing at $10.99 ) which includes Goku, Piccolo and Yamcha! As a long time Dragonball fan, the new character designs are bizarre at first glance…. But I have to say I grow more intrigued by all this stuff by the day! Lots more images coming to DBT very, very soon!

Posted by Amanda Sukenick on February 15, 2009 07:24 PM

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