Mini Big Head Figures, Dragonball Ultimate Technique Ver.01 by Popy!

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Great new take on an old idea!

These are really neat looking! Popy’s signature Mini Big Head Dragonball figures, each with their own little mini special move energy blast! So far I’m loving the Goku doing the Kame Hame Ha with his feet! One of my very favorite moments in the whole series!

Popy has been releasing so many wonderful Mini Big Head figures in the past few years, that it’s easy to worry about them becoming stale and repetitive… If this new series proves anything however, it’s that Popy had it in them to take a fantastic old idea, and meld it with a fantastic new one! Can’t wait to see these little guys up close!

Posted by Amanda Sukenick on February 21, 2009 04:25 AM

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