Lots of Dragonball Z items announced by Bandai at Toy Fair 2009!

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Megahouse figures in American, oh my!

So much great stuff revealed by Bandai at Toy Fair 2009! This new collection of figures mainly consists of re-releases of toys that came out in Japan years ago, which is great news for American fans, who may have had trouble importing some of these items in the past! These releases will include new additions to Bandai’s already active Ultimate Spark series, and new re-releases of the Bandai Real Works line! Most exciting is also the new Collectible Capsule Figures! As it turns out, they are indeed re-releases of older Megahouse toys! Megahouse is of course a company that has released so many great, high quality Dragonball figures in the past, and are much sought after by Dragonball toy collectors. Each Capsule Figure comes in a Dragonball shaped container, (Just like the original release!) that includes pieces to a figure that you put together yourself! Also included in each ball is an extra piece, so that when you collect all 7 figures, you can built Trunk’s Time Machine!

To see tons of new images of all the great new Dragonball stuff Bandai is releasing, check out this page on Figures.com from Toy Fair 2009 for a full gallery of pictures! Check back for more Bandai news very soon!

Posted by Amanda Sukenick on February 16, 2009 07:58 AM

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