NEW Dragonball Z HQ DX Figure VOL.6 from Banpresto!

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Two more dynamic new sculpts from Banpresto!

I’ve been keeping a very close eye on this series, though I haven’t actually purchased any myself… After seeing these last two however, I may just have to start off a collection of them, starting with that Gotenks! These both looks incredibly well detailed in the photos, and I’m impressed that the Gotenks looks more like a child, and not just a little man. This is a difficult sculpt to pull off, considering the hard, manly features that generally come with being a third form Super Saiyan….

Banpresto continues to out do it’s self, and each month that goes by, I become more and more in awe. I was personally blown away by this newest revelation of the Vegetto and Gotenks, and can not wait to have them both on my shelves.

Posted by Amanda Sukenick on February 28, 2009 10:23 PM

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