REVIEW: Bandai's Dragonball: Evolution Action Figures - PICCOLO


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Both loved and hated by fans everywhere, Dragonball: Evolution is a drastic departure from the original source material. While the character designs are quite different from what long time fans of the series are used to, Bandai has indeed given us some rather interesting toys based on these new ideas.

Piccolo is number 4 in this series of 7 Dragonball: Evolution figures, and is definitely the most elaborate figure in the whole series. He is based off of James Marsters portrayal of the famous character, and while he in no way resembles Piccolo as I’ve originally come to know him, this is indeed a very nice little figure of the film’s version of Piccolo. As I’ve said in my previous DBE reviews - these figures deserve a look totally separate from the success or failures of the film that inspired it - an I intend to give them at least that!


Posted by Jeff Saylor on April 27, 2009 09:10 AM

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