Bandai Ultimate Collection SAVED! Lots of NEW Figures Announced!

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The pickings may have been slim for series 3, but man is that ever going to change!

This is HUGE news! Recently, I did a VIDEO ON YOUTUBE about the possible death of the Bandai Ultimate Collection series, after the very disappointing release of Series 3, which only included 2 figures(!), instead of the 5 previously promised. Well based off reports from both our FORUM and elsewhere - The Ultimate Collection will not die! This summer we can expect to see a staggering number of new figures in this series, including figures of many characters that fans have been dying to see new toys of for years! Bandai plans to release Ultimate Collection figures of Krillin, Omega Shenron, SS4 vegeta, Master Roshi, Yamcha, Tien, SS4 Gogeta, SS3 Gotenks, Goku and Piccolo Jr.! As was true for the first series of the Ultimate Collection, these new releases also sound like they will be a nice mix of characters from all three Anime series!

The image below was taken at last years Dallas Toy Fair, and is very possibly the new DB Goku and Bulma that we can expect to see on shelves this summer!

First image of these upcoming figures?

Posted by Amanda Sukenick on April 17, 2009 02:38 PM

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