REVIEW: Bandai Assumed Diorama Figure - Super Saiyan Goku

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PACKAGING: Overall the package is sharp looking. Black with various grey images scattered around the box. The same as the Ultimate figure line. The picture of Goku is the same and in fact has the Series 2 lineup of the Ultimate Collection on the back. The box also has the counterpart Super Saiyan Majin Vegeta on the back. Nowhere on this box does it say what actual figure it is and just has item numbers all over it.

The lines are clean and the pictures colors and packaging have a very uniform flow to them.

PAINT/ SCULPT/ ARTICULATION: I have to say, the paint that is airbrushed overall on the hair, the muscles and the face all seem great. However what ruins this figure for me is the fact that they chose to go with the strangest orange for his gi.

Head: The hair and face sculpt are both excellent on this figure. Painted and represented well. Full neck rotation.

Chest / Back: The chest and gi are “battle damaged” and unpainted, the only negative I have about this figure, however the sculpt of the gi is awesome.

Arms: Two sets of arms are included with this figure: a set blasting energy from them and a set doing the kamehameha. Again, great sculpt and rotation.

Legs: Full waist rotation no leg articulation and great sculpts all around down to his boots.

Overall the sculpt is a great Goku figure, Goku looks like he means business and is poseable to be in various fighting stances.

ACCESSORIES: This figure comes with a base and an extra set of arms, both are awesome for the stance you would like to have Goku in.

COST & OVERALL IMPRESSION: Although I do not know the cost, I like this figure for the most part. Goku’s size, sculpt, articulation and accessories make him a great figure to add to any collection. Worth the look and the purchase.

Review and Photos by Brian Langis

Posted by Jeff Saylor on May 13, 2009 12:16 PM

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