New Banpresto Releases - DragonBall Kai High Spec Coloring Figures

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HSCF Series 15 (Kai Series 6)

This series consists of four all new releases focusing on the current episodes of DragonBall Kai airing in Japan. These figures are set for an August release and retail for around 900 yen. It’s refreshing to see Banpresto focusing on the villains for a change as opposed to releasing only Super Saiyans. We now have both Cell’s first and final forms, missing only his second form and between series 15 and 16 all the Androids are now finished. The younger, Cell arc Super Saiyan Gohan is also a strong addition and I’m sure we see him rereleased in the near future in both his normal and Super Saiyan 2 forms.

Series 16.jpg

HSCF Series 16 (Kai Series 7)

This series once again consists of four all new releases based on the Andorid/Jinzouningen arc of DragonBall. These figures are set for a December release and retail for around 900 yen. In addition to completing the Androids, this series also gives us (the rarely released) future Gohan. We are also getting a long hair Trunks in his Saiyan armor. A regular capsule corp Trunks was already released way back in Series 3 of the HSCF so it’s nice to see Banpresto going with logical variants as opposed to any rereleases.

Posted by Michael Lubow on June 23, 2010 03:41 PM

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