Series 16 Trunks is not the one from the SBC three pack

Hopefully this will clear up any confusion: The Irwin Series 16 Super Saiyan Trunks is a completely new sculpt by Irwin, and thus will most definitely NOT be the same figure that comes in the Bandai SBC 3 Pack.

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Series 15 on eBay...

In yet another example of Irwin’s “interesting” distribution scheme, Series 15 is apparently available in Canada, as it is appearing on eBay from a Canadian seller. The same seller has Freezer Form II, Yajirobe&Korin, Burter, and Jeice. Thanks to for sending this in this morning.

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Executive Decisions...

Folks, I’ve come to a decision. Please don’t ask if you can use my images for your websites, as the answer is no.

Here’s my reasoning—I made this site in the first place because there was nothing else like it on the internet, and I wanted to have a completely original site, because I get sick of seeing the same information and content on thousands of Dragonball sites. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I firmly believe that a website (especially a fansite, and especially about DBZ) should only exist if it can provide original content, or an original spin on the idea that no one has thought of. Some great examples of this are the most popular DBZ sites, including Planet Namek, which boasts tons of original content, or sites like Ginga GIRI GIRI, which is definitely an original spin on the idea of DBZ.

When I started it, the DBTI was the only site of its kind—in fact, the only other DBZ toy site, Waverunner’s, had already been closed, and it was nowhere near as comprehensive or as up-to-date as I planned to and still work on being. Very few other sites even had toy sections. Many do now. Do I take a teeny-tiny bit of credit for that? You’re darn right I do. However, I’ve also run into the problem that many sites with toy sections have nothing that I don’t, and they pirated my images and content to build their toy sections, which flat out pisses me off.

Many people have asked for permission to use my images in the past, for one reason or another, and I think I’ve been more than gracious, as long as proper credit and links were provided back to my site. I really like some of the sites that have used my images with permission, if only because they have done the work to write out their own original reviews, and they come up with great original content (my favorite example of this being Krillin and Friends, home of the famous (or should I say infamous) Krillin Theater). However, for every good site, there are ten that frankly aren’t as good, and there are a hundred that flat out steal the images in the first place.

Hence, I’ve decided not to give anyone else permission to use my images. Those who already have permission may use the pics they already have up, but please don’t take any more. And everyone, please don’t write in asking to use images from now on. Thanks.

Okay, my rant’s over, you may now return to your regularly scheduled programming..

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Hmmm… you know, on today’s CN DBZ episode, during Vegeta’s flashback, some of the pictures of him look exactly like the Vol. 4 Vegeta. Only time in the entire series that the likeness is perfect.

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Series 14 figures out in Canada

The Kappa (from the message board) has been lucky enough to find the entire assortment of Series 14 at a Wal-Mart in Canada, and he’s posted the images of the new figures in packaging on the message board. Hurry over there and check it out!

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SBC 3-Pack

Folks—I don’t know where you can buy the SBC three pack, or any other toys that don’t have “buy me” links on their pages. That is what the “buy me” links are for! Besides, I am not a finder service, as it says if you bother to read the FAQ before sending e-mail. If I knew where to purchase the three pack or any other item, it would be on the site.

And furthermore, I am getting tired of people e-mailing me with offers to buy the custom figures. THEY AREN’T MINE TO SELL. The creators’ e-mail addresses are on their individual pages (if they told me they wanted to be contacted), so if you want to talk about buying the customs, talk to them.

C’mon folks (you know who you are), THINK before you type.

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Stepping up to the challenge...

Well, I’ve been proven wrong on one account as far as the Bandai American releases go—the Giant figures were definitely released, thanks goes out to everyone who sent in pictures. I’m still waiting on a Blasting Action Gohan or Krillin…

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New Pages

I’ve got a few new pages up for you folks, to satisfy your thirsts until Irwin realizes the value of free advertising.

First off, I’ve finally broken down and made a page for the supposed Bandai US releases that I’ve received countless e-mails about. This includes the Battle Ready figures, the Giant Gokou and Vegeta, the 8” Light-Up Figures, and the ever elusive Blasting Action Gohan and Krillin. I personally think that most of these were never released (at least in the US), but if you can prove me wrong, I welcome you to try. However, only e-mail me about it if you can provide an original picture of one, either boxed or not. No e-mails saying “my brother’s friend had one”, etc, please.

Secondly, I’ve added three new sets to the AB Playsets page, including an airplane with a Gohan figure, a motorcycle with a Gokou figure, and an aircar with a (gasp) Trunks figure. Enjoy.

Finally, I’ve added a page for the SBC three pack. Thanks to Vegeta Jr. for the images of the AB sets and the three pack.

Oh, and a few issues I want to address: please, people, quit sending in images that you get off of eBay or ActionAce, or wherever you are swiping these images from! I don’t want them! If you want to point me to an auction, that’s fine, but it would be awfully hypocritical of me to steal other folks’ images when I get angry with people who steal mine. And a related note: to those of you who have stolen my images, especially those of you who have removed my tags from the new figure images to post on your site—please take them down. That’s the only time I’ll ask nicely.

That pretty much covers it, hopefully I’ll get some feedback from Irwin soon. In the meantime, look for the new figures!

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Message board accounts

The latest batch of accounts have been made. Let me say once again, if you want an account on the message board, send an e-mail to that includes the name and password you want to use on the board. If you don’t send the name and pass you want to use in the e-mail, it will take much longer to get you started. No, really. I’m not kidding, I promise.

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New Irwin Die-Casts are on the shelves!

I just picked up one of the die-cast mini-figures at my local Wal-Mart, so I can verify for a fact that they are out. At first glance, the vehicle looks slick, but the figure looks pretty bad, the painting is similar to the painting on the other Irwin 1 inch figures (which is, to say, not spectacular…). I will post a full review and images of the packaging in the next major update. Also, in that update, I plan on busting out a new “Irwin 2000” section, to separate the original Irwin stuff from the old re-released stuff.

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Series 14 Spotted on EBay...

If you just can’t wait for the new Irwin figures to show up in your area, you’ll be happy to hear that Series 14 figures have started showing up on eBay (currently Raditz and Master Roshi are the only figures available, but look for that to change soon)!

Thanks to Calbretto for posting this on the message board!

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More New Customs!

Hey folks, we’ve got another new customizer with a gallery at the DBTI—his name is ASTRO33NAZ, check out his work by clicking on the link!

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New Customs, Finally...

That’s right, we’ve got a slew of new custom figures here at DBTI. First off, Brett has sent in a new batch, which are great, and secondly, we have a new page of customs made by The Chucker, which arouse my interest—because we only have small images at this time (hint, hint… _). Enjoy!

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Message Board Accounts

If you have recently sent in a request for a message board account, but have not yet gotten a confirmation e-mail, please send your request again to I’ve been extremely busy the past few days searching for a new job, so if you want an account but have not yet gotten one, you’ll be much better off resending your request than waiting for me to find your old one in the e-mail I have yet to go through. Thanks.

BTW—The same does NOT go for attachments, as I have them squared away. All the new customs and toy submissions should go up either tonight or tomorrow, if all goes well.

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Netscape, pah!

Due to the fact that Netscape inexplicably will not display the new page correctly (even though when I break down the page, it shows all of the parts just fine), I’ve switched back to the old page, for now. Soon there will be a new layout. Soon.

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Create Your Own Character Contest Winners!

We’ve finally narrowed it down to the winner and 2 runners up for the Create Your Own Character Contest!

And the Winning character is:

GAIDEN by Marques Cannon!

The two runners up are:
MATH by (Pacey on the message board)
SERORI by babysaiyajin

Marques will receive a custom figure of his character made by Nick Cathery (our own Great Sage), which I will post images of as soon as it is finished!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and check back soon for a page showcasing all of the original characters created for the contest!

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More Cheap Toys!

Check out the following:

ToyVision 2000 has all kinds of bandai figures for extremely cheap prices, many under $10.00. The also have the FAKS model kits for $8.99. Thanks to for sending this one in.

Also, appears to have the Great Monkey Baby for only $19.99! It says $29.99 on the Dragonball page, but if you click on the link to Great Monkey Baby, it has a list price of $19.99. If anyone takes this chance to buy the figure, please e-mail me if the $19.99 price is not the one that shows up in the cart. Thanks. Also, thanks to for sending that in.

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Cheap DBZ toys!

Hey all, I was just at, and it appears that they have cut their prices on much of their DBZ merchandise, including action figures and the Pioneer DVDs! Many of the Bandai action figures are now under $10, and the DVDs are $10.50. Click on the banner above to get to these sales!

Also, on the news front: Apparently, Bret Dilabbio is no longer “da man” in charge of DBZ at Irwin Toy. This explains the lack of the images he promised to send… I have the name of the new person though, so hopefully we can get some more previews sometime soon!

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