Why dbzstore.com hasn't gotten Series 14 + 15...

Hey everyone…
I just got an email from an insider at dbzstore.com who wishes to remain un-named… I asked them why they haven’t gotten the new figures..

Basically, they said that Irwin was going to ship the “specialty” packaging to the funimation store (The packaging that is supposed to be shipped to the specialty markets such as comic stores)… What Irwin failed to tell funimation was that the specialty packaging would not be available until the end of October. Upon finding this out, DBZSTORE.COM changed their order to normal packaging to get the figures up on the site quicker. This was the last time they heard from Irwin… Irwin isn’t returning Funimations calls, and they’ve been expecting the figures for two weeks now. Due to Irwins silence, Funimation is being left completely in the dark as to why they haven’t seen the figures. I was also informed that the “delay” in Series 14 and 15 to commercial stores such as Walmart, etc, isn’t because of the change of packaging… (As reported by EX)… They misunderstood… the delay is the one named above… and it’s to DBZSTORE.COM and not to commercial markets… (I was told this was partly in fault of the person who gave EX the information, as they weren’t exactly clear)


The good news:
“When we do get the toys in stock I will have them on the page a.s.a.p., probably within 2 hours of the truck arriving at our dock.”

I’ll keep you updated as I hear anything…

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Help me out!

Hey folks—I’m trying to put together the page for the Bandai Full Action Pose collection, but I don’t have enough images! If you have original images from any of the figures in this series, and would like to help me out, please send them to despotes@dragonballtoys.com, so I can finally get that page built!

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The first of many updates today (hopefully)

I’ve updated the Frequently Asked Questions page to reflect some of the more recent e-mails I keep receiving, despite announcements in the news. Also, I’ve updated the Link Submission Guidelines to reflect our current policy of accepting links during submission windows ONLY.

Keep checking back, today should see the creation of a page for the Bandai FAP series, a page for the Irwin 3-pack, and a page for the new advertising program I’m working out.

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Content Updates

I’ve completely overhauled the MGA page, adding everything from the Battle Bank to the Spaceship Camera (yeah, they aren’t action figures, I know, bite me). I’ve also made a page for the Irwin Playsets, including the Nimbus Cloud and the Rejuvenation Chamber. Also, I’ve added a page for the Irwin blasting energy action figures, because the news post with the links to the prototype pictures just fell into the archive, and it is painfully obvious from some of the e-mails I get that very few people read the old news.

And finally, there’s a pretty good article on the new Irwin Dragonball toys at Raving Toy Maniac. It mentions the 12” figures that I only mentioned once about 2 months ago on the news page — the way I heard it way back when, TRU was getting 4 exclusive figures, and KB was getting 2, but that info’s probably not correct anymore. But anyway, check out the article, and thanks to Piccolenks for posting the address on the MB.

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Series 14 Nappa and Raditz at Amazon.com!

Indeed, both Nappa and Raditz from Series 14 are available for purchase at Amazon.com (which is also ToysRUs.com)! Click on the links above to check them out. A few people sent this one in, but KGGoten@aol.com was the first.

Also, I spoke to the DBZ rep at Irwin today, he said that they’ve been shipping figures like crazy to the USA, and that he is also mystified as to why they are still rare here in the states. He passed the blame to the regional distribution companies, so I plan to call them up tomorrow, to see what I can find out.

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More Info on Series 14

First—here’s an online store where you can find some of the series 14 toys, including the 3-pack with Nappa, Raditz, and Master Roshi:

Connection, MD

Thanks to Bustashynes for posting this on the message board.

Also, Daizenshuu EX has posted some info on the new Irwin figures—according to information they received from the DBZstore.com staff, the holdup on the new figures is because Irwin is slightly redoing the packaging, in order to make it even mo’ better. Perhaps this also explains why the toys haven’t shown up nationwide yet…

Thanks to Knux Five for posting this on the message board.

Remember, BTW, if you want a message board account, to send your requests to the_kappa@dragonballtoys.com. This is the second time I’ve posted this, so for the immediate future, all MB account requests sent to me will be deleted.

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Irwin series 14 and up

You know, I think I’ve gotten more e-mail asking me about the new Irwin figures in the US since I posted that big paragraph saying that I don’t know where they are, but that they are out in places in the US. This is the second time I’ve posted about this in the last few days, and I don’t plan to respond to any more e-mail I get on the subject, so quit e-mailing me about it!

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Irwin Action Figures, Series 16 pages updated

I’ve added pages for Irwin Series 16 based on the prototype images that I received a week ago. Also, I’ve added the list of upcoming figures to the Irwin Action Figures page, so if you’re a newcomer to the site, you might want to check that out!

Also, a note to stem the tide of e-mails I’m getting on the subject: The new Irwin figures, such as series 14, ARE out, but they haven’t yet made it all over the US (probably simply due to less-than-perfect regional marketing on Irwin’s part). Thus, I have no way of knowing when they will appear in any certain area. When they do show up in your area, you should be able to find them everywhere, from Wal-Mart to expensive toy stores. Also, when I find them in an online store, I will post the store’s URL here (thus, if you’ve found them in an online store, please e-mail me about it).

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Message Board Account Requests

Just so everyone knows: The Kappa has generously decided to watch the message board for now, which means he is currently the one assigning message board accounts. I have just forwarded all of the requests I’ve gotten in the past few days to him, so if you have sent in a request, don’t worry, you’ll get an account soon. If you would like a message board account, please (for now) send your requests to the_kappa@dragonballtoys.com, and he’ll take care of you.

(Thanks, Kappa—whew!)

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AceXchange Returns

Ever since the fiasco during which ActionAce spontaneously closed, fired all of their employees, hired a few back, and started the store back up again, the internet toy collectors community has felt the absence of their auction service, AceXchange (or at least I have).

Well, as you might have guessed from the fact that I added a link in the last paragraph, AceXchange is back up. This is one of the best places to find super-rare DBZ stuff, including the Super Collection or the SBC three pack, both of which have been sold there many times in the past. Let’s hope they come up with some DBZ auctions soon!

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Rare SBC's and more!

Hey everyone…
I have some news on where to find any of those SBC’s you’re missing to complete your collection…
If you are interested in ANY SBC, I am told by the seller, that he has all of the SBC’s… and any he doesn’t have in stock, he has on the way (I’m told that he tries to keep it so that he has everything…)
His average SBC price is $15.00 which is pretty average… but he has those rare ones that tend to be more dificult to find, such as Vol. 25,26 and 27…
Vol 00 runs a bit more… ask him for a price…
He also tells me that he has much more for sale, including cards, videos, etc..
Anyways, give him an email at


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Series 14 Box Images, Figure Reviews, and the Die-Cast Page

I’ve uplaoded the page for the new Irwin Die-Cast Vehicles&Mini Figures, along with the box images for series 14 and figure reviews of Nappa and Raditz, which were sent in by Nightwing Beyonder.

Also, I’ll be replacing the prototype images on the new Irwin 5” action figure pages with photos of the actual figures as I get them. Nappa, Raditz, and Master Roshi will be up as soon as I get them off the digital camera.


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New links added

I’ve updated the LINKS page with the majority of the submitted sites. If your site didn’t make the cut, don’t take it personally - many of the sites I did not include appeared to be unfinished, so if you have more material by the next time the submission window is open, by all means, submit your site again.

Also, some of the sites included in the links section are still lacking a description tag, which I will add when I have more time to explore those sites.

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Link Submissions now CLOSED

The window for link submissions is now closed, I will go through all of the submissions and update the links page tonight. Thanks to everyone who sent in their links, and if you missed the window, don’t worry, another one will open soon. However, no more link submissions will be accepted now.

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Send Your Link Submissions NOW!

Hey folks, in my continuing efforts to get this growing monster of a website back under control, we’re gonna have our first official link submission window. So, if you want to submit your site for consideration, please send the link directly to me, despotes@dragonballtoys.com with a subject line that reads “Link Submission”, between now and 2:00 EDT tomorrow. That’s a nice 24 hour window, and I’d say this is how we’ll do it from now on.

So, if you’ve sent a link recently, please help me out and send it again (if you have already sent a link recently, and don’t make the window, I’ll still consider you).

Also, keep in mind that I’m going to pick and choose which sites go in the link section, so it won’t be an automatic entry for any submission.

That pretty much covers it, so get those links coming in!

Also, on a side note—I should have done this a while ago, but I do want to officially welcome The Kappa to the DBTI team, he’s working on the customs section (as he wrote in his post), and he’s working on the Create Your Own Character showcase page. Let’s give him a warm welcome!

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New Irwin Blasting Energy Figures!

Come one, come all, we’ve got the pix of the new Irwin blasting energy action figures here! Click the links below for the images:

-Super Saiyan Trunks
-Freiza Form III
-Imperfect Cell

They look great to me, I can’t wait to see them on the pegs!

Also, these, the series 16 figures, and the die-cast capsule thingies (yes, that’s the technical name for them) will get their own pages soon under the “Irwin 2000” heading, so check back for that!

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Hello to everyone from the Kappa!

Hi everyone!
I’m just posting here to introduce myself to those who don’t know me, and to inform those who DO know me (from the message board) that I have been appointed by Despotes as the new moderator of the message board and to help maintain the site. My first act will be to re-design the customs section (which needs somewhat of a facelift)…

I’ll also be helping to update when Despotes is busy, away, or simply wanting some spare time. I look forward to helping make this site better… if there’s any concerns please don’t hesitate to email me at the_kappa@dragonballtoys.com.

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That’s right, series 16 images have arrived! Click the links below to see the images:

Chi Chi
King Kai&Bubbles
Krillin - yes, Krillin, not Cell, woo-hoo!
And, the one everyone is waiting for…
Trunks! - unfortunately, this is NOT Super Saiyan Trunks, as I was told by Irwin a while ago. However, I’m not too upset, because now we also have:

Blasting Action Super Saiyan Trunks!

This is the first of the blasting images that I received from Irwin today, however, the disk they sent me is bad, and this is the only image I’ve been able to recover so far. Hopefully, they will send the other images again soon, or I’ll be able to salvage them. Until then, enjoy!

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