Figure Reviews Up!

I’ve finally finished putting up all of the figure reviews I’ve received over the last … while. Check out what your compaitriots have to say on the following pages:
Irwin Series 14 Garlic Jr.
Irwin Series 14 Raditz
Irwin Series 14 Nappa
Irwin Series 14 Master Roshi
Irwin Series 15 Frieza II
Irwin Series 15 Yajirobe&Korin
Irwin Series 15 Burter
Irwin Series 15 Jeice
Irwin Series 15 Chiao Tzu
Irwin Diecast Trunks Time Capsule
Bandai SBC Vol. 5 Trunks
Bandai SBC Vol. 6 Freezer
Bandai SBC Vol. 7 SS Vegeta
Bandai SBC Vol. 8 Son Gohan
Bandai SBC Vol. 9 SS Son Gohan
Bandai SBC Vol. 10 SS Broly
Bandai SBC Vol. 12 SS Trunks
Bandai SBC Vol. 13 SS Gohan
Bandai SBC Vol. 15 Son Goten
Bandai SBC Vol. 16 Trunks
Bandai SBC Vol. 17 SS3 Son Gokou
Bandai SBC Vol. 19 SS Vegetto
Bandai SBC Vol. 23 Majin Boo
Bandai SBC Vol. 24 SS Gotenks
Bandai SBC Vol. 31 SS Trunks
Bandai SBC Vol. 33 Vegeta&Baby
Bandai SBC Vol. 34 Super Baby
That should be all of them. If you sent in figure reviews that were not put up in this update, please send me a polite e-mail letting me know—I had a lot to sort through, and they are especially hard to find when the e-mails are not labeled “figure review” or something to that extent.

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Something for Netscape users...

Well, here’s the URL for netscape users of Series 17 images…

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Yet another conundrum withthe series 17 images

It would appear that you can only view the new Series 17 images at the DBZ website if you are using Internet Explorer, as the link to “More Toys” is mysteriously absent when the page is viewed in Netscape. Interesting. Hopefully, that should clear up any problems.

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No, really, series 17 images

To see the new figures, go to the link in the post below, then click on “View Toys”, then click on “More” at the bottom of the following page.

I swear, I gave some of you more credit than you deserved—I didn’t figure I had to spell it out for you. Thanks for the e-mails telling me how stupid I am for posting bad info.

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Series 17 photos!

Well, as much as it pains me to do so, I’ll have to send you folks to another site to see some of the new series 17 figures. The Official DBZ Site has images of the new Android 17, Android 18, Piccolo, and Vegeta figures. They are incorrectly credited as series 16, but they are up.

Thanks to for sending this in.

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Irwin Toy Site pushed back

Hmm…went back to Irwin’s teaser site today—make that 20 days until the new Irwin site launches.

Oh well.

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Irwin toy site

Irwin’s new site, according to the blurb at, will be up in 15 days. That’s nice.

I’m still working on distilling the figure reviews, I hope to have them up tomorrow.

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And now for something completely different...

Today’s subject—the presidential campaign. It is our expert opinion here at the Dragonball Toy Island that Al Gore, who has been slipping in the polls recently, would greatly improve his chances of winning the presidential race by legally changing his name to “Zorro”.

To support the “Zorro Gore” campaign, e-mail Al Gore and suggest this to him. Let your voice be heard, America!

Bwa-Ha-Ha—sorry, I couldn’t hold it in any more. Have a nice day!

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Series 16 is out!

Shipments of Series 16 figures in specialty packaging from Diamond Distributors have begun arriving in specialty stores across the nation! You can also find a set for sale at the DBTI Auctions

Series 16 includes (for everyone who hasn’t been paying attention the past month or so) Future Trunks w/sword, Krillin w/2 dragonballs, Chi Chi, King Kai w/Bubbles, and Dende w/2 dragonballs and vest.

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New 12" Irwin Figures

I’ve finally got some concrete images of the new 12” Irwin figures! These figures are super-articluated, and come with cloth clothing. They are popping up all over North America, so keep your eyes peeled!

Check out Goku, Super Saiyan Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta!

I’ll have a page up for these cool new figures sometime later today. Thanks to David at Connection M.D. for the images!

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Auction Additions

I’ve added some features to the DBTI Auctions, including password retrieval, options to view new, hot, and closing items, and a system to prevent sellers from bidding on their own items (which was the cause of some auction deletions today). Got some items to sell? Looking for hard to find toys? Head on over there and check it out!

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Super Customs page update!

I added a HUGE amount of customs content to the Customs Section. … Updates on existing pages go to Cland 97’s Trunks Page , and more figures added to Mr. Hick Dude’s Page. … New customizers SSJ Gohan, Portugy, PilafSama13, and SS5 Trunks

On another note, (I usually wouldn’t do this)… Your aol mail account is not accepting mail from me… If you could please email me from another account, I can get you your message board password. Yes, I Have gotten your 30 message board requests, but I cannot do anything about them until I can get mail through to you.

Hopefully I’ll have another Customs update soon…

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Irwin Series 14+ Specialty Packaging

I’ve added images of the special silver packaging for the new Irwin figures to the Irwin 2000 5” figures page. Also, I’ve updated the individual pages for Nappa, Raditz, and Master Roshi with images of the silver packaging. This special packaging is for specialty stores only, such as comic stores, anime stores, and online toy stores.

Thanks to Comics Plus for the images, and to bustashynes for posting the links to the silver packaging on the message board.

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Updates #1 and #2 on Custom figures pages!

The Customs Page has been updated with two new customizers ( Ultimate Trunks 4 and Mr. Hick Dude)… as well, new figures went up for Cland97’s page. Expect another customs update tomorrow… and the day after that… and the day… (you get the idea)

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A Matter of Opinion

Howdy folks—I’ve gotten a lot of e-mail concerning the whole Full Episodes issue, and I’d just like to clarify my own position on the topic. I am in full agreement with the Anti-Episode folks, for one reason—I want to see (and own) DBZ on DVD, in the original Japanese format, and I believe that Full Episode sites take sales away from the FUNimation DVDs, and thus decrease my chances of being able to own them all. A purely selfish reason, but hopefully the anti-ep e-mails will stop now. Thanks.

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Happy Birtday DBTI! Here are your presents!

The Dragonball Toy Island is exactly one year old today! Woo-hoo! We want to thank everyone who has helped this site take off over the past year, especially our regular message board members who have worked to make the site such a success!

And now, to the presents:

First off, we are proud to announce the opening of the Dragonball Toy Island Auctions Head on over there, read the User Agreement, and sign up to start bidding and selling! Registration and bidding are both completely free!

Also, we are proud to announce that the Kappa has got the brand-new Custom Figures section up and running! Remeber, if you have custom figures that you want in that section, send them to!

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New Irwin figures at Joy's Japanimation

Yup, the new figures are available from Joy’s Japanimation, click your way over there and check them out!

Thanks to for sending this in!

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All kinds of eBay stuff

Hey folks, just thought I’d post that a guy has all kinds of rare stuff for auction on eBay, including the SBC 3 pack, the FAP Gohan, and the Battle Z Collection. Click here to check it out.

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Message Board Rebuilt

Hey folks, the new version of the board is up and running. Hopefully, the fact that I ended up rebuilding it from the ground up will solve the file and posting problems that were going on.

Unfortunately, all of the old messages were lost. While this is good for server space, it’s not good if you were in the middle of something, and for that, I’m sorry. It’ll be okay.

Anyway, this new version has some new bells and whistles, check them out! I’m still tweaking it, but posting is enabled, so head on over there and check it out!

Remember, if you’d like a message board account, e-mail with your desired username and password, and he’ll set you up with an account.

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Updating Message Board

Hey folks, the board will be offline for a bit, because I’m going to upgrade to a new version. Some messages may be lost, but I have backed up all of the user data, so it should be okay.

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Monster Content Update!

I’ve just uploaded a carnival’s worth of pages, purely for your enjoyment!

Dazzle at the Bandai Full Action Pose figures!

Laugh at the monstrous creations of Dr. Frankenstein’s Lab at DBZStore.comand at the new Humor Section!

Uh… Whittle the time away with the Irwin 3-Pack page and the new Irwin 2000 pages!

Well, that’s it for right now, I’m working on the human cannonball show as you read this…

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News on the Irwin 3-Pack

Talked to the folks at Irwin—it turns out that the series 14 three-pack (Raditz, Nappa, Roshi) is the only one that they have produced, and they currently have no plans to put out any more.

He also said that they are still waiting on images of the various lines, so hopefully those will get to them, and then to us, soon.

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Another place to find the new Irwins

It appears that the new Irwin figures are also available at Musicland-chain stores, including Sam Goody, Media Play, On Cue, and Suncoast. A lot of people have sent this in, you know who you are, thanks!

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More at Sears Canada

It would appear that Sears Canada, the site that had the 12” figures in the last post, also has a few more tricks up its sleeves for the adventurous shopper. First, they have Deluxe Super Saiyan Trunks already on sale, as well as the Rejuvenation Chamber as well. However, like the figures in the last post, the status of the items is “pending”, which I take to mean “God knows when we’ll get this figure in”. Order only if you just can’t wait…

Thanks to and Andrew Griffin for the heads up on this one.

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Holy Mother of Pearl--The 12" Figures are available online!

Heads up! The brand-new 12” figures from Irwin toy are available for order at Sears Canada! Click here to check them out!

However—when I checked for the availability of the items, they were listed with a status of “pending”, which, when I looked it up, means the following: “Pending means that we are not able to confirm availability right now. A Pending situation may require us to contact you to confirm availability and delivery.” So, place your orders if you’re bold…

Thanks to for sending this in!

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Some places to find series 14, 15, and some Bandai SBCs!

From many of the e-mails I’ve been getting, it would appear that the new Irwin figures are starting to pop up all over in Target stores, as well as the Warner Brothers Studio store. Check for them there.

Also, I’ve gotten an e-mail report that some Meijer stores have gotten shipments of DBGT Bandai SBC figures! So, if you’re looking for them, you might want to check that out in your area!

Thanks to everyone who sent these items in, you know who you are!

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