IF Labs Movie Collection Packaging Revealed

Figures.com has posted an exclusive image of the new IF Labs DBZ Movie Collection packaging.

These figures are due out January 15, and will retail for about $15.

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IF Labs Dragonball Series 1 Pics!

Pics of the new IF Labs Series 1 Dragonball figures have popped up over at the spawn.com message boards.

Check ‘em out HERE

Thanks to “Kame_Sennin_Muten_Roshi” from the boards for the heads up!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us at dragonballtoys.com, to all of you…Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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IF Labs release dates

Series 2 of IF Labs’ Dragonball Z Movie line, originally scheduled to be released next summer, is now due out in October. The release date for these figures has been pushed back in order to coincide with the FUNimation release of DBZ movie 6, “Return of Cooler”, as the set contains characters primarily from that film.

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For those of you who have ever signed up with or bought anything from the FUNimation store (Now Zstore.com), check your mail. Their new print catalog has some new images of Irwin’s series 6, and some decent images of the first four IF Labs figures.

If you don’t get the catalog, I’m sure you can request one from their site. Watch out for rabid voice actors, though. (That Sean, such a funny guy…) ;-)

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Irwin Figure Exclusives

Some news on the Irwin Variant “give us the rest of your money” front—

Electronics Boutique has exclusive Trunks and Vegeta figures with gold hair. No resculpts or anything, but Teen Trunks and Vegeta with gold hair. There’s a message board thread about it if you want more info.

Also, this is older news, but it seems that orange-jacketed Roshi figures have been popping up in various KB Toys stores. This is the same Roshi that was previously available in the Musicland exclusive four-pack.

That is all, for now. (insert evil, knowing laugh here, implying big upcoming news…)

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Soda invades Dragonballtoys.com

My great thanks goes out to Soda (from the message boards), for letting me and my wife into his home to ravage his collection for pictures. You can see the results by looking at the “Recent Updates” box on the left, there are too many affected pages for me to type out them all. Needless to say, many of the holes in the site have been filled.

This includes the 3-pack page, which is back up, finally.

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Beckett DBZ Collector Exclusive #2

From the press release:

After the successful release of our first Beckett Exclusive Irwin action figure, (Teen Trunks with Metallic Hair), we’re about to release a second Beckett Exclusive Irwin DBZ figure. The new one will be an All-Metallic Perfect Cell 5-inch action figure! You’ll be able to obtain the new Cell figure through a special magazine subscription offer. When you purchase a one year (12 issues) subscription to Beckett Dragon Ball Z Collector for $27.99, you’ll receive the Exclusive Perfect Cell figure absolutely Free! Plus, if you’re already a subscriber, we have some goodnews too!

More announcements on the new Exclusive Beckett/Irwin DBZ Action Figure will be posted on the beckettdbz.com Web site.

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