New IF Labs toys images! Awesome!

Full pictures of the IF Movie Series Wave 1 can be found HERE, or by going to the Official Site… (The pictures appear as a popup when you access the site)

Also, there’s a poll with the images. You can rate each figure, vote on which environment (Playset) you would want and possible future figures in the IF Movie series.

Lastly, am I the only one who wonders about the Coola figure? Earlier images had him with another form (with the faceplate), but this one is a different form… Possibility of Variant figures, anyone?

Update by Despotes—Also, If Labs has launched their new site, you can also get the images there.

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Irwin Model Kits Series 2, Die Cast Capsules Series 2 Released!

Just a quick note: Series 2 of the Irwin Model kits has been released, as well as the new Capsule Die Cast vehicles.

You can pick the new capsules up at the DBZ Store. I should have pictures of the entire series of the Model Kits by tomorrow, as I’ll pick them up on my lunchbreak during school.

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The Island of Dr. Toymangla...

Detail: Piccolo’s hand
As the great unveiling grows closer, “Dr. Toymangla” and his staff at IF Labs have been bubbling over with excitement about the new Dragonball Z and Dragonball toy lines, so much so that they were eager to answer some of our questions.

First, IF Labs would be the ones to produce toys from the Trunks and Bardock specials, but they currently do not have plans to do so. That, of course, may change based on feedback from fans.

Secondly, he clarified IF Labs’ desired distribution setup: the new toys are going to be a primarily specialty-market commodity. While mass-market chains may sell them eventually, you will always be able to get them first at your local comic/specialty toy shop. Also, there is a great possibility that there will be variants in packaging and/or the figures themselves for the specialty market, and perhaps even for the first editions of a figure released.

The Doc is extremely proud of the new figures, and sees them to be “raising the bar” in quality and detail. Many of the same people who helped revolutionize the toy-making process for McFarlane toys are involved in this venture, so it would be no surprise if the figures not only live up to, but are actually better than the hype (and the prototypes) when they are actually released. As for release dates, the first set of Dragonball Z movie figures is slated for January 15, and the first set of Dragonball figures should hit shelves in March.

Also, there was a typo on the survey page after the Lord Slug preview video—one of the characters you are able to vote for is supposed to be Turles, not Turtle. They were surprised at how many of you wanted a new Turtle figure, though… Also, they were impressed by the idea on the message board for a “battle area” playset, a generic battlefield with exploding mountains, etc. Kudos for coming up with that one.

And finally, the good doctor favored us with an exclusive scoop on the tentative lineups for series 3 of both the Dragonball Z and Dragonball lines! Please remember that the following is subject to change:

Dragonball Z Movie Collection Series 3
  • Garlic Jr. (green giant form)
  • Dr. Weelo’s Brain Machine (from The World’s Strongest)
  • Bulma as Prisoner (from The World’s Strongest, ala “Slave Leia”)
  • Goku with Power Pole and Infant Gohan (intended as a Father-and-Son set)
Dragonball Series 3
  • Jackie Chun
  • Krillin
  • Ox King
And that’s that! Keep coming back for more exclusive information from Dr. Toymangla and IF Labs…

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I’m assuming that everyone who wants to has watched the FUNimation IF Labs Flash video (which was very well done, if a mite on the silly side) linked below has done so. If you haven’t you’d better do so, before you check out the extracted prototype Lord Slug image from it. I’ve brightened it a bit so you can get a better look at the detail on the figure.

Also, we’ve added another advertiser to the “Support Our Site” section. Actually, has long been one of our supporters, and they’re back now, after a short hiatus while they switched programs. They have a ton (multiple tons!) of Dragonball and anime merchandise they’d love to sell you, and everything you buy from them helps us out a little bit. So buy a lot. :-)

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Lord Slug IF Labs Preview!

Club Z from the official site has posted pics of the new IF Labs Lord Slug figure HERE. Looks pretty good.
Also, after the “presentation”, there’s a survey to take part in. Looks like IF is considering some other pretty cool figures, like an Oozaru (Saiyan ape) figure. Check the figure out and then vote in the survey.

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Series 6 Prototype images up

Well, I’ve posted the Irwin Series 6 prototypes—I must say I’m impressed, they look pretty snazzy.

Bigger news, at this point, is the upcoming exclusive with IF Labs—if you haven’t caught the leaked pix that have been removed, this will be your first chance to get a look at some of the new figures. Pretty cool, to say the least.

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Why do we exist again?

From FUNimation’s Club-Z newsletter:

Somewhere deep within the FUNimation establishment surrounded by the desolate walls resides the infamous Dr. Toymangla, the Mastermind for IF Labs.

Dr. Toymangla, a lean, methodical, and disturbing man has for quite some time been anxiously operating a laboratory cloning the exact replications of DBZ’s leading roles. The detail and awesomeness of each figure is unbelievable.

Discover Dr. Toymangla’s secret DBZ Movie Collection action figures
Thursday October 18th at and login to Club Z, as we reveal their identity. You, as a Club Z member, will be the first to see his meticulous and detailed of work of …. Oops! We almost gave it all away.

Also on the 18th, chat with Brice Armstrong, voice actor for Lord Slug, and Dr. Toymangla at 6:00pm EST. As an added bonus, you can explore an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of Dr. Toymangla’s figures.

See you there if you dare!


Hmmm…interesting. I wonder if they are going to have another event just for the media, or if they’ll be announcing all new figures this way. Anyway, mark it down on your calendar.

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IF Labs Figures - Full images!

Check out this site - ICV2 for pictures of the new IF Labs figures! They have full images of SS Goku, Piccolo, and Bulma and Master Roshi from the upcoming Dragonball series.

I’m guessing those were posted without FUNi’s permission, we’ll have to wait and see.

UPDATE—Wow—not even an hour after I made the original post, the images have been cropped to just “head and shoulders” shots. That’s got to be a record.

Not to be spiteful to ICV2, but it’s nice to see that everyone is getting the same hush-hush enforcement that we and are getting.

Thanks to Tabris on the MB for posting the link.

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Series 6 Images!

By far the best Irwin 5” figures I have ever seen. Not to overshadow Despotes’ news, these have to be shown. Go to

Thanks to Aqaurius on the boards for the info.

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Site Updates

Finally, the LINKS page has been updated. Surprisingly enough, nearly half of the submitted sites have either shut down or gone offline for one reason or another since they were submitted. Wow.

There are two new stores in the updated links section, Atamaii Imports and Robozone. Both come with a great Dragonball Z selection, so check them out when your paycheck comes in.

Also, I’ve added a Palisades Marketing section, to showcase their line of mini-busts.

I’m working on more updates, so while I wouldn’t advise holding your breath (I don’t really know why you’d do that, that’s a silly expression), check back soon. Also, I’ll hopefully have some Irwin Series 6 info to post in the next few days—cross your fingers.

Until then, Despotes out.

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