Irwin Series 6 SS Trunks Review

I’ve posted another in-depth review, this time of Irwin’s Series 6 Super Saiyan Trunks. Keep checking back for more reviews!

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Irwin Series 6 Android 16 Review, and new images!

I’ve posted an in-depth review of Irwin Series 6 Android 16 in the Irwin Figures section, the first of many such reviews that I’ll be posting across the site, as time permits. The first subjects will be the rest of series 6, followed by series 7 (as soon as I get them), followed by… I haven’t decided yet.

Also, I’ve put up images of Series 6 SS Trunks, as well as the Electronics Boutique exclusive Golden-Haired Vegeta. I’ve finally posted images of the 9” Collectors Edition Vegeta. And finally, I’ve updated the Irwin Figures section to list the various exclusives that have been announced so far. Enjoy.

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Merry Christmas!

Here’s from all of us at, to all of you out in the real world—

Merry Christmas (or insert alternative holiday here)!

Happy Festivus to everyone else. :-)

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The Return of the Anime Thread

It could never truly be stopped.

The Anime Thread has returned, and it’s now archived in our articles section, to forever be enjoyed.

Be sure to read Spike’s intro!

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Welcome to the new!

If you are reading this, you’re viewing at our new home, on our new server. Welcome, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

I’ve changed around much of the directory structure, but it shouldn’t affect your viewing experience.

PLEASE refresh your browser a few times before sending e-mails about broken links. If you do find something you think is a valid problem, please send me both the URL of the page the bad link is on, as well as the URL that isn’t appearing correctly.

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Dragonball Z Striking Z Figures make "Dirty Dozen" list

The Lion and Lamb Project released their annual “Dirty Dozen” list for the 2001-2002 holiday season today… The Striking Z Irwin figures made the list!

While I’m fully aware that this is supposed to be a bad thing, I think this is great.

The blurb on the site had the following to say:

Dragon Ball Z “Striking Z Fighters” series, Irwin Toys

Recommended Age: 4+

Description: A series of plastic action figures based on the violent anime cartoon program Dragon Ball Z.

Why we chose it: This figure encourages pre-schoolers to re-enact the fighting they see on the Japanese anime TV show Dragon Ball Z—which tops the Cartoon Network’s ratings. The Goku character comes with a “striking wall” and features “front kicking action!” The Trunks figure comes with “side kicking action!” and Piccolo comes with “double punch action!”

I’m really surprised that they didn’t pick something a little bit more violent… like the 9” Collectors edition figures. They’re pretty bloody.

As a side note, I’ll be going away for a while. My Striking Z figures encouraged me to commit a violent act, and I’m going to prison.

What’s that, Striking Z Piccolo? You want me to eat my neighbour…?


You can find the rest of the “Dirty Dozen” list HERE.
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New Packaging for Irwin BEA's

For those of you who are into variants, here’s one for you:

Irwin’s light&sound energy blasting figures are now being released with special “try me” packaging, with a big ol’ hole in the blister that lets you press the button on the figure.

Wow—innovation. Let’s all do the wave now.

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Series 6 hitting stores

There are enough people reporting this on the message board for me to go ahead and post it:

Series 6 is out, and the best place to find them is your local Wal-Mart. Reports are that when they are found, they are found en masse, so if your local store has gotten a shipment, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding them.

Also, I’ve been promised series 7 information soon, so keep checking back!

UPDATE: I was able to actually confirm this over the weekend, but unfortunately, I just found one beat-up, half opened Goku figure in the Frankfort, KY Wal-Mart, so if you’re really desperate, you now know where to look! :-)

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