IF Labs Dragonball Series 2 Exclusive Images!

Come one, come all, to the IF Labs tent! We have new images of two of the most looked-farward to figures, and they are beautiful. Take a peek at Mai and Launch!

Also, we have an exclusive new image of the Battle Damaged Vegeta that is featured in this month’s Toyfare.

And, keep coming back, the New York Toyfair starts next weekend!

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And now, in other news...

Takara has just announced their lineups for Transformers PVC Act 7. According to BigBadToyStore, the series will contain Wheeljack, Perceptor, Road Caeser, Lio Kaiser, Deszaras, and Star Saber, and possibly Victory Saber as the large ‘combiner’ figure. Click here for a preview of this upcoming set.

For the most part, these are figures solely from the later Japanese series, so if you’re not a die-hard TF fan, you probably have no idea who most of those characters are.

C’mon Hasbro! How long do we have to wait for a domestic version!

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IF Labs variant information

As you all know by now, the first shipment of IF Labs Dragonball Z figures that are popping up in stores everywhere have a sticker on them that says “Specialty Edition Paint”. Here’s the rundown on what is different between the specialty shop versions, and the versions you’ll find eventually find at the big discount stores:

Cooler: The special edition has metallic silver armor, while the standard edition will have white/bone colored armor.

Lord Slug: The standard edition will have a darker cape, with a deeper maroon underneath than the specialty edition.

Goku: The colors will have a slightly more faded look on the standard edition than the specialty edition.

Piccolo:The standard edition Piccolo will have less dust and blood than the specialty edition. Also, the standard version will have the thin red lines around the eyes, while the specialty edition won’t.

The Piccolo figures have arrived in Irwin’s warehouses, so they should hit stores soon.

And finally, there is a possibilty that the bases that come with the figures will be re-done to make them more substantial, as the actual production version is made of much thinner plastic than the IF Labs folks had desired.

I think that answers most questions I’ve been asked.

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IF Labs Cooler Figure - Images

I have found, purchased, and photographed the new IF Labs Cooler figure, for your viewing pleasure. (It was so big and shiny, I couldn’t resist…) I hope to post a review tomorrow, but know this—these figures are downright awesome in their packaging. Regardless of the figures themselves, which are great, IF Labs really showcased them well in cardboard and clear plastic.

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A note on e-mail

For anyone who sent me important e-mail while the site was down, I was unable to access it, and it was probably returned to you anyway. Please send it again. Thanks.

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Downtime Explained

First, I apologize for the downtime. Though it was not my fault, I do apologize. Evidently, our request to have our bandwidth limit increased was not put through to the parent company of our old web host in time, and thus was not going to be applied until next month.

Obviously, this was unacceptable. So, we’ve moved again, and I’ve gone through the entire site, deflating images a bit (which will make those image-heavy pages load much faster, as well). Our bandwidth ceiling has been increased, and there are now contingency plans in place to deal with anything over our ceiling, so the site won’t be just cut off again.

The message boards are functional once again! You’ll probably have to reload the home page to get the link to the left to update (if that doesn’t work, click here).

Last time we moved the board, a couple of accounts got screwed up, so if you are having problems, please e-mail me.

That’s it, finally. I’m going to bed. Enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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IF Labs Dragonball Figures Revealed, and more Series 7 info!

Finally, IF Labs has revealed the first series of Dragonball figures for all to see! Go to the IF Labs Dragonball Figures Preview Page to see images of Bulma, Goku, Master Roshi, Boss Rabbit, Pilaf and Shao right now!

These figures will be hitting stores in March!

Also, more news on Irwin Series 7—in addition to Dabura being replaced with a repainted series 4 Goku (painted in the new style, but same colors and outfit), the Krillin figure is being replaced with Majin Vegeta. Some good news, however, is that the Great Saiyaman figure will come with two heads (one with helmet, one with bandana and glasses)! These series 7 figures have a much more cartoony look to them, stay tuned for images, coming soon!

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Good&Bad News Bites

GOOD NEWS - Toyfare Magazine issue 56 will feature an IF Labs Vegeta cover, as well as information and pix of series 7, and a first look at the new IF Labs Dragonball toys. The issue is out today, so run out and take a look at the coolest Vegeta figure, ever.

UPDATE - As the Dragonball images have now been released, I’m finally at liberty to put up this Bulma image that just blows me away (quite literally, I suppose). I’ll get the rest as soon as possible.

BAD NEWS - I’ve just learned that there will be no Dabura figure in Irwin’s upcoming series 7. Evidently, the figure will be replaced with another regular Goku version, this one just painted in the new style. There is a very good chance that the Dabura figure has just been delayed (as Irwin has reportedly had problems with their suppliers lately), and the Goku figure has been added so they can get series 7 on shelves without any more delay. I’ll update when I hear more, of course.

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New Metallic Series 6 Figures for Pre-Order

The Z-Store has listed metallic versions of Android 16 and SS Trunks for pre-sale, for $9.50 each. From the graphics provided, these appear to have the same finish as the Beckett Exclusive Cell figure.

Thanks to OHMSS006 for pointing this out on the message board!

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As many of you found, when you took some time in your busy holiday schedules to visit us, the site was down, due to us hitting our bandwidth ceiling. We’re working on increasing our limit, so that shouldn’t happen again.

Thanks for coming back!

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