IF Labs Fusion Collection News

Representatives for FUNimation confirmed today that the IF Labs Fusion Collection (Series 3) figures will indeed enjoy a mass release sometime in the near future.

The early narrow release and subsequent rarity of the figures is another result of the transition from Irwin to JAKKS; however, the figures will soon be found in mass-market outlets nationwide.

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DragonBox DVD Set with Goku figure hitting shelves in Japan

The DragonBox DVD Set is now hitting stores in Japan. This extensive (and expensive) set of Region 2 DVDs (which means they won’t play in most US players) comes with an exclusive Son Goku figure, which comes with an interchangable chest/head, for transforming him into a Super Saiyan.

The figure looks quite impressive, check it out (along with details and photos of the DVD set) here.

Also, check out our ongoing discussion in our forums.

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Bandai Dragonball Mini-Figure Selection (Bottlecap Figures)!

bottlecap figuresNever count Bandai out. That’s what the last few months have shown us on the Dragonball front.

First, they reissued Vol. 00 Son Goku Perfect Version.

Next, they packaged an exclusive gold Vol. 00 with the Japanese version of Budokai.

Now, they’ve released a whole series of bottlecap figures! These tiny, non-posable figures have really intricate detailing, and come in unmarked packages. The only way to get a whole collection (short of buying a completed one off an auction site) is to trade with your friends until you’ve got them all!

Check out the new Bandai Mini-Figure Selection!

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Hasbro Collectors Event Coverage

Rather than showing at Toy Fair this year, Hasbro hosted its own event at its Rhode Island headquarters this year. The show, which took place today, showcases Hasbro’s lineups for the coming year.

Sadly, nothing particularly new was shown in the way of Transformers, but we get to see some final color schemes.

Check out the coverage:

Star Wars Coverage from SirStevesGuide.com
Transformers Coverage from BWTF.com
G.I. Joe Coverage from YoJoe.com

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Yet more alternate packaging images

As we’ve already covered, Irwin’s alternate packaging is trickling into stores on DBZ Series 11, Striking Z Fighters Series 3, and Energy Glow Series 2. As I find ‘em, I’ll be posting ‘em.

Check out:
Striking Z SS3 Goku
Striking Z Dabura

Energy Glow SS3 Gotenks
Energy Glow SS Vegeta

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Upcoming DBZ action figure release dates

According to the latest Bobcat report, May is going to be an expensive month! These are the currently announced release dates:

March 15
Dragonball Z I-Men

May 16
DBZ Series 12
DBZ Deluxe (Movie Collection) Series 4
DBZ Striking Z Fighters Series 4

Start setting aside those paychecks now!

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New Feature - Search Dragonballtoys.com's Figure Archives!

We’ve added a powerful new feature to Dragonballtoys.com - the ability to search our figure archives!

So, for instance, say you only collect Vegeta figures. Now, rather than having to go through every page of Dragonballtoys.com, looking for any Vegeta figures you might have missed, you can simply search our whole database for “Vegeta”, and get back a list of every Vegeta figure we have any information on. You can also narrow your search by manufacturer.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a specific figure, you can search by UPC number. To this end, if you are an in-box collector, and you’d like to help us fill out our database, send us any UPC numbers that we’re missing (of course, you can search the database to see what we’re missing!)

Try out the new search feature, we’d appreciate any feedback!

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More Irwin Figure Images and New Features

I’ve just uploaded images for Striking Z Fighters Series 3 SS3 Gotenks, taken with our new and improved digital camera. Enjoy.

Furthermore, we’ve added a bit of functionality to our database: the ability to share images between figures, without making multiple instances of the image. You’ll notice this functionality on the Gotenks figure page above. So keep checking back, as we’ll be filling out much of the database with card images, group shots, and the like!

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