FUNimation's eps 1-53 coming, Pioneer's license expire in August.

This is all stuff that we knew was coming, but it’s been made official now. (Source: Anime News Network)

FUNimation has confirmed to ANN that they intend to re-dub, re-master and release the first 53 TV episodes of Dragonball Z uncut on DVD. In their re-mastered releases they will include aproximately 12 episodes worth of material that Pioneer had to remove from the show to satisfy the broadcast standards of the time. As for the 3 movies, it seems likely that they will re-do them, but there are no plans right now.

Pioneer Entertainment had originally released material, first 53 episodes of Dragonball Z on DVD back on 17 DVDs, along with the first 3 DBZ movies on 3 more DVDs. However on August 31st, Pioneer’s license to the material (sub-licensed from FUNimation) will expire. They have officially informed retailers that they will not take orders or returns for the DVDs after Ausgust 31st.

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Two New DBZ Games Announced

Two new Dragonball Z Video Games have been added to the GameStop release database:

  • DBZ: Budokai 2 (for PS2) - December 2003
  • DBZ: Taiketsu (for GBA) - 10/16/2003

That is all of the info we have been given so far, obviously Budokai 2 is the sequel to the first one on PS2 (and soon GameCube), and it is only being released for PS2 at the moment (they are most likely waiting to see how well the first one does on the Cube). As for the GBA game, I have no idea what it is about, perhaps we are getting a portable fighting game, or perhaps it is another card game. One thing is for sure, it is not the same game as Legacy of Goku 2 which is coming next month. If I get more details I’ll be sure to let you all know. One thing I would recommend is reserving them both when you get the chance!

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More new Japanese Dragonball figures!

Hobby Link Japan has pics up from the 2003 Shizuoka Hobby Show, Japans largest annual hobby show. This year Unifive displayed a series of prepainted/preposed figures based on classic Dragonball art from Akira Toriyama.

Goku on a millitary vehicle
Goku riding Shenlong

Also shown was a new series of Dragonball block figures (maker wasn’t listed).

Group shot
Tien and Chaozu
Pilaf, Shu, and Mai with Battlesuit

These should all see a release this year. Keep an eye on HLJ for release dates and prices.

See all of HLJ’s show pics here!

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New Face of IF Labs

Since the demise of Irwin, the cooperative company of FUNimation and Irwin (IF Labs) has also bitten the dust. Now with JAKKS Pacific in the picture, a new cooperative company has formed called Giant Ape. This is the new FUNimation/JAKKS Pacific version of IF Labs. I got word of this here at the Z Store when ordering our new figures. Giant Ape… weird.

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Welcome our newest sponsor - ABCTOY4ME!

Looking for some hard-to-find Dragonball and anime toys? Look no further than our newest sponsor,

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New prize items from Banpresto

Banpresto revealed a few new sets of prize items to be released in Japan late this year at their Banpresto Show. Looks like they’re really expanding their variety doing everything from your run of the mill key chains to windups! Not really sure of official names on these lines, just what I could get out of the www translator.

Dragonball and Dragonball Z Key chains (October)
pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4

Dragonball Z “Shining” figures series 1 (November)
pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4

Dragonball Z “Shining” figures series 2 (December)
pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4

Dragonball and Dragonball Z windups (December)
pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4

The rest of the show coverage can be found Here. Remember, these are prize items which can only be bought from importers and not directly from Japan.

Big thanks to Ray H. (formerly of Speed Lines) for the heads up.

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New Sponsor - Stylin' Online!

Looking for the latest and greatest in Dragonball Z and other hot cartoon and anime-based t-shirts, jerseys and apparel? Check out our newest sponsor, Stylin’ Online, for the best of the best!

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DBZ Series 12 - First Look!

Space Cowboy 5008 of our message boards has posted an awesome image treatment of the new JAKKS DBZ Series 12 figures. Check out all of the great pictures!

NOTE: You must be a registered member of our message boards to view this particular set of pictures. Official images will be available soon.

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DBZ Series 12 and I-Men Released!

Many of you will be excited to know both DBZ Series 12 and the Toynami I-Men arrived at GameStop today! Series 12 is sporting nice new packaging, new Dragonballs (yes, finally balls # 1, 4 and 7), and a reasonable pricetag of $7.99! The I-Men come with 2 figures each: one light up and one normal, along with 2 special coins. They are priced at $8.99 (yes, they actually cost more than Series 12).

On a side note, the Striking Z Fighters Series 4 and DBZ Deluxe Series 4 were both pushed back to mid-June. Of course that will give us all more time to save up money right?

Jakks is obviously off to a good start, keeping true to their release dates, let’s hope they continue to do so in the future!

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DBZ Video Game Starter Packs

Straight from Dragonball -

Los Angeles, CA — (April, 2003)— It just got more fun to play Dragon Ball Z video games. Is that possible® Nuby Technology, the manufacturer of the hottest video game and handled accessories, announced the launch of its new line of Dragon Ball Z accessories designed for all Dragon Ball Z® gamers.

“We are very excited to introduce a complete line of accessories for Dragon Ball Z fans. These fans are so passionate about the game at all ages and now they will be able to have the full arcade experience at home with some of spicy flavor from the Dragon Ball Z® Universe” remarked Paul Chen, Nuby’s President and COO.

The new line will include Dragon Ball Z® themed controllers, arcade joysticks, carrying cases, as well as starter kits for PlayStation®1 and 2, Game Boy Advance and the new GBA SP. These Kits will include the most popular DBZ characters along with colorful and fun graphics to make the whole experience even more exciting. Nuby will also present Limited Edition controllers for Playstation® 2, which will become a valuable collectable item, as they are limited to only 5000 in production each.

The new product line will launch on May 15, 2003 and include:

• The Dragon Ball Z® Starter Kit for PlayStation 1: a 12 CD case, a controller, a memory card, and an extension cable.
• The Dragon Ball Z® Starter Kit for PlayStation 2: a 12 CD case, a controller, a DVD remote, and an extension cable.
• The Dragon Ball Z® Arcade Stick for PlayStation 2.
• The Dragon Ball Z® Controller for PlayStation 2.
• 5 Limited Edition DBZ Controllers for PlayStation 2. (each featuring a different popular character)
• The Dragon Ball Z® Game Boy Advance Starter Kit: Dura Sack, folding light and screen magnifier combo, a Retract-A-Link, and A/C power adapter with rechargeable battery pack.
• The Dragon Ball Z® Game Boy Advance SP Starter Kit: Dura Sack, SP screen magnifier, a Retract-A-Link, and A/C power adapter with rechargeable battery pack.
• Kame Covers for Game Boy Advance SP (6 different styles).

Nuby will present their new innovative product line at the world-renowned E3 convention, May 14-16, 2003 in the Los Angeles Convention Center

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