IF Labs Dragonball Series 2 rereleases

Jakks has recently rereleased the IF Labs Dragonball Series 2 figures Yamcha, Goku in orange gi, Launch, and Mai. They are carrying the Giant Ape logo but are in the same style of box. The figures are now painted by airbrush just like all the other Jakks figures, so there is a lack of detail in a way, but the details they did include are much clearer than the IF Labs versions; for example, the eyes on Yamcha, they are much better painted, but he lacks variation in the color on his clothes. It is a good way to collect the figures you missed, personally, my Yamcha IF Labs figure is my favorite figure in my entire collection, so I highly recommend getting it! Besides the lack of texture detail, I did notice that the Launch figure I looked at was missing some green paint on her shirt and the Goku had a black/gray fleck or blotch on his eye, so try to find the best figure if you are really picky. They are out now, so look for them!

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New JAKKS DBZ at Mass Market Toy Expo, first look at DBGT figures!

JAKKS Pacific gave the first preview of its upcoming Dragonball GT line at the Mass Market Fall Toy Expo 2003!

In addition to previews of SS4 Goku, kid Goku, Trunks, Pan, Giru and Rirudo, we’re also treated to new figures of Captain Ginyu, Recoome, Krillin in Saiyan Armor, and more.

Check out our JAKKS Dragonball gallery, then head to Figures.com for images from the rest of the show!

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Fall Mass Market Toy Expo 2003 coverage

Figures.com is covering the Fall Mass Market Toy Expo in New York.
The Fall Mass Market Toy Expo 2003 is an event where toy companies showcase next years product to potential buyers. Some of the new collectible projects shown are already green lighted; the Expo is simply an opportunity for the company and buyer to iron out the fine details in person: distribution, retailer space, prices, etc.

On the other hand, many new toys displayed are still in need of a buyer. They are concepts that the toy company would like to pursue, but will not without backing- those key ingredients: money and distribution. If nobody is interested, then there is little point in continuing.

What’s this show mean to the collector? In essence, it’s Pre-Toy Fair, an early sneak peek at the main event come February 2004: The International Toy Fair. There will be instances where toy photography is not permitted due to a company ironing out final details, licensing arrangements (read movie spoilers: “LOTR: Return of the King” for example), or even because of a companys desire to keep it a surprise for a later date. Some projects will be mentioned in our articles as POTENTIAL, meaning that it is safe to announce, though no buyer as been firmly locked into place.

Check out the Mass Market Toy Expo galleries!

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New Banpresto DX prize figures!

Over at Rakuten they have an image up of two all new DX action figures of Goku and Vegeta by Banpresto. Both figures are fully articulated and come with extra hands, two Dragonballs, and a snap on projectile. The figures are a little over 4” tall each. The site lists them at 2600yen for the set, but it’s likely they’ll be sold elsewhere separately.

The image can be seen here.

Thanks to BlazeEagle for the heads up.


Final versions can be seen at Hobby Search.

Thanks to Unit for the link.

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Dragonball Z Posing Collection - First Look!

Unifive has unveiled their new Dragonball Z Posing Collection, set for release in Japan in December. The individual figures, of which there will be at least 10, are about 8 cm tall, and feature the characters in various dramatic poses, with at least limited articulation.

Thanks to Patrick Nallino at Daiso for the news and images!

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More JAKKS confusion - DBZ series 14

Apparently, there’s more going on with JAKKS than meets the eye. DBZ series 14 figures are popping up on store shelves all over; however, this series 14 is not the series 14 we’ve been promised, but reissues of Irwin series 10.

There is an ongoing discussion about this in this thread on our message boards.

Will the real series 14 ever make it out? Probably, but with JAKKS’ track record of the past few weeks, it’s impossible to say for sure.

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JAKKS -Art of (con)Fusion 2-Packs

I’ve seen them with my own eyes - JAKKS has indeed issues two different versions of the Art of Fusion 2-packs.

The original molds, as depicted in the promo photos, have thus far only been sighted at Wal-mart stores.

The Irwin/JAKKS reissue molds have been sighted at the Z-Store and Toys R Us.

If you’re interested in my take on the issue as a collector, click on the “continue reading” link.

Continue reading "JAKKS -Art of (con)Fusion 2-Packs"
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Z-Store Exclusive JAKKS MC5 Broly

Z-Store Exclusive Broly

The FUNimation Z-Store has an exclusive re-colored version of JAKKS Movie Collection Series 5 SS Broly, for $19.95.

Look for the rest of the MC5 figures to start appearing on store shelves in your area soon, if they haven’t already.
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Ultimate Figure Series Part 2 Dragon Ball Z:
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  • Dragon Ball: Pilaf Gang w/Mecha Ver C
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SPONSOR NEWS: Great Deals on DBZ Action Figures & DVDs at Toywiz.com!

ToyWiz.Com has awesome new DBZ product!

DBZ is gearing up for a HUGE holiday season, and ToyWiz is prepped to ride the wave. We’ve gotten in a gigantic selection of DBZ DVD’s and DVD boxed sets. We have a great sale going on Series 12 and we’re pre-selling terrific new figures!

Pre-order DBZ Movie Collection Series 5: Trunks, Goku & Broly!
These Movie Collections are awesome! This set looks to beat the best of them to date! You have Trunks, Goku and the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly! These figures have an insane amount of detail and each is fully poseable. Broly is gigantic he towers over the two Z-Fighters. This is an absolute must have!!

Save 20% on the Set of Series 12 and all Figures from Series 12!
We just got a great deal on a whole bunch of DBZ Series 12 and we’re passing the savings onto you! That’s right you can now get all the figures from series 12 at 20% off! This is a limited time offer while supplies last. So if you’re looking to finish that series, or just get a great buy check it out!

Pre-order DBZ JAKKS Series 14!
Another totally awesome set to come out of the think tank at JAKKS Pacific. This set follows the closing act of the Majin Buu Saga. Series 5 has the following figures: Vegeta in Street Clothes, Trunks with Vest, Goku with Blue Gi, Kid Buu and Uub! This set is going to fly off the shelves so pre-order your set today and guarantee 1st Wave shipment!

Tons of new DBZ DVD Boxed Sets!
You asked for it, and we got it! We have tons of all your favorite DBZ episodes and Sagas. We offer them in both Box Set formant and singe DVD format. The best part of this is that you can finally see the episodes they way they were supposed to be aired, UNCUT! So run on over and grab your favorite DVD’s!

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JAKKS Fusion 2 Packs at Wal-Mart

I’ve just returned home from the local Lexington Wal-Mart, where I found the JAKKS Art of Fusion 2-Packs. They are indeed (mostly) new molds (or jumbles of old molds), as depicted in the promotional pictures from JAKKS.

WM’s price on these is $11.99. Go Wal-mart, young man.

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JAKKS DBZ Series 14 - large images

We’ve received large copies of the DBZ Basic Series 14 images from JAKKS Pacific - if you’re looking for details, look no further:

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