More JAKKS 2-Packs?

I’ve just returned from a holiday shopping excursion, where at Wal-Mart I found yet another JAKKS 2-pack. This one, with the header “Earth’s Defenders”, featured SS Vegito and ‘Absorbing Gohan Super Buu’. Both were molds from recent JAKKS releases.

Of course, it didn’t list any other assortment information on the back of the card, so there are probably more in this series. If you’ve seen other Earth’s Defenders 2-packs, post about them in the comments section.

With all of these unannounced two-packs JAKKS is releasing, they are either a collector’s (or completionist’s) dream or nightmare, or perhaps both at the same time.

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JAKKS DBZ series 15 images!

cyborgfrieza.jpg JAKKS Pacific has just released images of Dragonball Z series 15, due out early next year. The lineup includes:

This Cyborg Frieza figure is the gem of this assortment, and of JAKKS basic Dragoball Z figures, as well. If the final version looks like this image, it will be the best figure released in North America, bar none.

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JAKKS - More Irwin reissues

JAKKS is releasing Irwin series 2 figures under the name “The Elite Fighters”. These figures have, to my knowledge, only been sighted at Wal*Mart (edit: And Target) stores, though if you’ve seen them anywhere else, I’d appreciate a comment.

The figures don’t have information about the reissues on the back of the card, so as of right now, the confirmed sightings include:

  • Frieza form II
  • Jeice
  • Burter
  • Yajirobe and Korin (and I simply can’t get over how out of place Yajirobe is in a series entitled “The Elite Fighters”)
  • Nappa (added from comments section)

If you’ve seen more figures in this series, post them in the comments section!

I’m really excited that JAKKS is doing this; releasing all of these older figures individually will be a great boon for new collectors, just like Irwin’s releasing the Bandai and AB figures was a boon to those of us who started collecting Dragonball in 1999.

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JAKKS/Giant Ape Movie Collection series 5 at Toys R Us

I just found the Movie Collection series 5 figures at the Lexington Toys R Us (UPC 39897 77005, $15.99). The Broly figure is every bit as impressive as I could have hoped; the orange in Trunks’ hair was a bit of a put off.

Let the hunt begin!

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JAKKS Dragonball GT Series 1 assortment

I just recieved confirmation of the assortment for Dragonball GT series 1, and have corrected the pictures linked in the previous post.

The assortment for GT series 1 will be as follows:

  • Goku with energy blast
  • Pan and Giru
  • Trunks
  • General Rilldo
  • Super Saiyan 4 Goku
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JAKKS Dragonball GT - Promo Images

JAKKS Pacific has finally released promotional images of the first series of Dragonball GT figures!

As you can see from the images below, it is difficult to determine whether these are the exact same sculpts seen at the Toy Expo; for instance, it appears that Pan’s chin is different, but it could just be the difference in the angle of the shot.

Check out the pictures, and decide for yourselves!
Comments (24) | Bookmark this entry | November 15, 2003 | Jess Horsley

JAKKS DBZ series 14 images

Space Cowboy 5008 has posted detailed images of the new DBZ series 14 figures, which he has once again gratiously agreed to let us use for the archives. Check out his images of Goku, Kid Buu, Teen Trunks, Uub, and Vegeta.

Comments (5) | Bookmark this entry | November 09, 2003 | Jess Horsley

JAKKS DBZ Series 14 - confirmed sighting

Toys R Us has JAKKS DBZ series 14 on the shelves. Some interesting notes - Vegeta comes with extra-large, transparent (and probably bouncy) dragonballs that are about the correct size for the Namekkian dragonballs, and Goku not only comes with glow-in-the-dark dragonballs, but is built with extra wrist articulation (think Full Action Kits).

They’re available now, so start hunting.

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SPONSOR NEWS: New DBZ gashapons at Action-HQ! has in stock now for early holiday stocking stuffers - Part 2 of the Dragon Ball Z Gashapon set for just $14.95! Get yours while they’re HOT and available!

Also NEW this week are new assortment of Star Wars, Transformers Alternator, 12” Gundam human figures, 8” Saint Seiya figures and a whole lot more! Check them out and don’t miss all the cool items coming out this month and December! Shoppers beware!

Check out these figures and more at Action-HQ!

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New JAKKS reissue 2-packs: Forces of Evil

JAKKS Pacific has released another series of two-packs featuring reissued Irwin figures, this time with the theme “Forces of Evil”. The assortment includes Raditz & Nappa, Hercule & Majin Buu (fat version), and Babidi & Pui Pui.

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