New York Toy Fair 2003 Coverage!

Toy Fair 2003

Below is a summary of what we encountered this year at the New York Toy Fair:

Monday, February 17, Noon

  • In FUNimation related news, JAKKS Pacific has been awarded the master toy license for Yu Yu Hakusho. According to the press release, JAKKS will be making action figures, accessories and playsets for the line. They expect to have product in stores in time for the 2003 Christmas season.

Sunday, February 16, 3 PM

Sunday, February 16, Noon

  • The Toynami I-Men Series 2 information is up, check it out!
  • We've added pictures of the Dragonball Z bobbleheads by Marz to our gallery, if you haven't already seen them, head on over!

Saturday, February 15, Noon

  • Toynami has a second batch of Dragonball Z I-Men in the oven! The new batch features mainly the children from Dragonball and Dragonball Z, and features a new I-Men body, the aptly-named "I-Boy". No images were allowed, but check back soon for lineup and release information!
  • Toynami's first set of DBZ I-Men will be released next month.

Friday, February 14, Noon

Friday, February 14, 2 AM

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