Amazing Oozaru Diorama from Super Festival 49 in Japan!

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One of the most classic scenes from the Saiyan Saga, now beautiful rendered in 3-D!

Just spotted this thing over at our buddy HOBBY FIGHTER33’S BLOG
I know next to nothing about the Super Festival, other than that it took place on Japan either last month or earlier in April, and they showcased this incredible diorama of Vegeta as Oozaru, putting the hurt on Goku! Also depicted is Gohan watching helplessly close by, and Yajirobe triumphantly slicing off Oozaru’s tail! It’s without a doubt one of the most memorable scenes in the whole series! No word yet on prices, release dates or availability - for all I know this thing was only available at Super Festival, and no where else. Regardless, at least we can all longingly admire from afar!

Posted by Amanda Sukenick on April 8, 2009 10:14 PM

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