First Ever Dragonball Kai Toy! Kamehameha Wrist Bands by Bandai!

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Can I hear a Kamehameha in celebration of Kai?

As you hopefully already know, an incredible new era has started for Dragonball in Japan, with the release of Dragonball Kai - a completely re-edited, re-imagined and in some cases, re-animated new version of the original Dragonball Z anime! Episode one has already aired, and so far the reviews have been incredibly positive.

But we at know the true question that Dragonball fans have on the tips of their tongues about Kai - ‘What kind of new toys are we going to get under the Kai name?!’ Well, check out these awesome new Kamehameha wrist bands! Similar wrist bands have been released in the past, but these are newly designed, and look much more compact then previous models. An extremely amusing COMMERCIAL for this toy actually was aired during a break in the showing of the first episode of Dragonball Kai, and it is NOT to be missed if you love Dragonball Toy commercials!

If you would like to stay really up to date with all Kai news, be sure to head over to KANZENTAI They offer some great coverage, as well as a clock which perpetually counts down to the airing of the next episode of Dragonball Kai!

Posted by Amanda Sukenick on April 8, 2009 11:35 PM

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