Yet more TF news...

In these last few weeks before Toyfair, Irwin’s locked up tighter than a drum, news-wise, and so to fill the void, here’s some more news for Transformers fans:

Transformers Generation One PVC set 2 is now available for pre-order at many online stores. This new assortment includes Grimlock, Optimus Prime (vehicle mode), Hot Rod, Galvatron, Super Ginrai (Powermaster Optimus Prime), and Minerva (the only one never released in America). Each comes in clear and painted versions, and there are two special figures: Hot Rod with the matrix, and a new Galvatron. If you want to order single packages (figures are random), I recommend Explosion Toys, and if you want to order a complete case of twelve (which guarentees you one of each figure), I recommend

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That's all, folks! (For now)

Custom submissions are now closed…
Any customs received after now will be deleted. Please watch for a new submissions period coming up…

Just one thing that I’m concerned with from the past day- Next time, please observe size regulations… I got too many pictures at about 900 × 1200 pixels (Much bigger than what I asked for)

The new customs should be up around the end of the coming weekend. Thanks for everyone who participated and followed the rules.

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Quick! Custom Submissions Open!

For the next 24 hours, I will be accepting Customs Submissions…
But with somewhat of a catch: There’s some guidelines to follow to have your customs accepted:

  • No Concepts! Only Customs are being accepted for the next 24 hours… I will have a concept submissions period soon enough.
  • Only .jpg files sized around these proportions (Give or take a couple inches) will be accepted.
  • I will accept a MAXIMUM of 10 customs… when you figure that there will be around 20 customizers potentially submitting customs in the next day, at 10 max… that’s still 200 figures for me to take care of… Please take this into consideration.
  • Please send your images as attachments, instead of embedding them in the actual email. (This goes especially for AOL users)
  • New Customizers should supply the following information: Customizer name, email, photo of yourself (if possible), general location, age, and real name if you wish…
  • Also, if possible, please include tools, etc used to make the custom. Everyone would like to know how the custom was made, I’m sure.

That should probably be all for now. Any customs recieved in my mailbox, dated after 11:59 pm tomorrow, will be deleted.
I’m not meaning to sound like a dictator in what you can and can’t do… I’m just trying to make things easier for me and better in the long run for all of you.

Please send your customs to
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Irwin DBZ models at Wal-Mart

If you’ve had trouble picking up the new Irwin model kits, look no further than your local Wal-Mart. It seems that they’ve finally gotten a saturation shipment of them, and unlike other stores such as TRU that received character-specific cases, and thus only had two or three different kits, the cases that Wal-Marts are receiving seem to have every character.

Man, I’m just going to open up a Wal-Mart news section…

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In other news....

A quick note for Transformers fans:

The new Beast Machines Mega Rattrap figure has finally been released, and can be found at many Wal-Marts (at least in the midwest—it’s probably been out in California for months now… :-p).

If you’re looking for more Transformers news, check out I recommend scanning the news, for images of the Series 2 G1 PVC figures, as well as some cool custom TF models.

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Even more SOL Models

It was pointed out on the message board that there is a site out of New Zealand that sells the SOL models (for good prices, too)… you can find them at

Thanks to for the info!

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WOW! Cool Dragonball Z models!

If you’d like to see images of the SOL models painted correctly, and images of many more models that I’ve been able to find so far, check out WackOtaku’s Home Page, where he showcases quite a few of the vinyl kits in his gallery.

The page was pointed out to me by, thanks!

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Site Modifications

Hey folks, just a note to bring some site mods to everyone’s attention. I’ve added a few questions to the FAQ page, and I’ve simplified the Contact Info page quite a bit.

I’ve also started uploading the Series 16 (New Series 3) figure reviews, I should have the rest up by the end of the day. BTW—from now on, I’m going to refer to the new Irwin figures by the new series numbers (series 14=series 1, etc.).

And finally, for those of you who are interesting in buying the Mattel toys from the online stores listed below, a currency converter can be found here. Both sites are in Portuguese (not Spanish, my mistake, my apologies, go here to translate), and their prices are in Brazillian Real (BRL on the currency converter). Remember to replace the comma in the BRL price with a decimal point for accurate conversion.

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Online Stores for cool stuff!

Okay folks, I’ve found two major online stores that sell the Mexican DBZ figures so far:


Also, I’ve found a site that sells the 16” AB versions of Tapion, Videl, and Majin Boo for $19.99 each, click here to check it out!

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Series 18 lineup change

It’s come to my attention that Irwin has slightly changed the planned lineup for series 18 (new series 5). The new plan replaces Imperfect Cell with Dr. Gero making the tentative lineup for series 18 as follows:

Super Saiyan Vegeta
Super Saiyan Goku
Super Saiyan Gohan
Super Saiyan Trunks
Dr.Gero (Android 20)

Keep in mind this information is not written in stone—we’ll find out for sure in a few weeks, when Toyfair rolls around. Make sure to tell everyone you know to check out the DBTI’s exclusive coverage, starting on February 10th!

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SOL Models page up

I’ve finally broken down and created a page for the SOL Dragonball models. These garage kits aren’t licensed, which is why I was reluctant for a long time to list them, but darn if they just aren’t the coolest things. They can be purchased at the stores listed at the bottom of that page. Enjoy.

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Mattel Page is up!

I’ve put up a page featuring some of the new Mattel toys, so you can get a look at the Mexican packaging and colors on the imported playsets. You can see it all here. Enjoy.

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Dragonball Z in Mexico!

Bandai, AB, and Irwin toys south of the border!

American toy giant Mattel has started releasing imported Dragonball Z toys in Mexico! So far, they’ve imported Bandai Super Battle Collection figures, and AB and Irwin playsets!

What does this mean for US fans? Well, it will now be much easier to get some of the super-rare AB toys, such as the Mr. Satan car playset, figures and vehicles! These toys have been popping up all over eBay, and are available in many Mexican online stores that will ship to the US. And of course, if you live close to the border, then these toys are just a road trip away.

Dragonball Z can be seen in Spanish on Telemundo, Monday through Friday.

UPDATE: The Mattel versions of the AB playsets, such as the Satan car and the Gokou bike, are different colors than the AB versions. Thanks to Vegeta Jr. for pointing that one out.

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The new Discussion Board is UP!

We are now running Ultimate Bulletin Board, which I’m sure many of you are familiar with. It has many more options available to you, such as the ability to edit your own posts, but most importantly…

You can now self-register! No more e-mails to the Kappa or myself asking for accounts, you can now take care of that yourself. Just click on the “register” link in the upper right corner of the board.

I will leave the old board up for a day or two, just long enough for people to read the old posts, but it will be disabled and no new posts on it will be allowed.

And now…


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Message board... fixed?

The board accounts should be returned.. some names, however, may have been changed.. try your passwords that you REQUESTED when you signed up (If you’ve changed your password since you requested and signed up)

If there’s been any changes that I know of, I’ve emailed you. If your account is still not working, email me for me to fix it. It could be possible that your password has changed and I don’t know of it… If you are emailing me for repairs, make sure you email me from the address you requested your account from. If your repair request email and the original account request email don’t match up, your email will be deleted (This is to stop people from taking others accounts over in the wake of the board problems)

The user account file has been backed up to prevent this from happening again.

Due to the board crashing, I’m going to have to delay customs submissions for another week or so until all the dust from this settles… I appologize in advance to all customizers waiting to send stuff in.

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More message board fun

Okay folks, the last backup that I had of the user file for the message board was from November 7. If you’ve registered since then, please hold out for another day or so while Kappa and I decide on our course of action. If you find that you can post, great, feel free to do so.

And I shouldn’t have to say this, but PLEASE hold all account requests until we get this straightened out. Thanks.

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Message Board Down for Today

As you can see from the Kappa’s last post, the board is down, because the server dumped the user file. Something tells me that this probably has something to do with my hosting company, I plan to call them today to find out. However, in the meantime, Kappa and I are going to be shopping around for another board, and I’ll try to have either the old one back up or a new one in place by the end of the day.

This is just ridiculous…

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Message Board Problems

The message board user account file has decided to crash itself again… Until we can figure out if (and how) we can restore the accounts, the message board will not be usable…

(Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause)

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Trigun Figure News

Attention TRIGUN Fans!

Figures from the Japanese “Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke” series from Kaiyodo have been popping up at Suncoast stores all over the US! This includes both the Vash the Stampede and Nicholas D. Wolfwood figures. I noticed that at my local Suncoast, they had both the regular Wolfwood, and an injured leg variant. Both retail for $14.95, which is much cheaper than anywhere I’ve seen them online. Snatch them up before they’re gone!

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Server Issues

Hey all, for those of you who didn’t notice, both the news and the message board were down all night. This was due to the fact that we had allowed so many posts to build up on the message board that we had run out of server space, and were experiencing all kinds of errors becuase of it.

As a result, I’ve pruned the message board back down to a reasonable size, and I’ve deleted the archive directory.

And please, folks, keep this in mind before you post unneccessary images on the message board—I’ve set a 30K limit on images now, as they were the main cause of the problems.

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Notes... READ OR DIE!!!

Hey all, here are some things I feel need to be addressed:

First off, people, don’t you think that if I had any more information on ToyFair or Irwin’s new stuff that I’d post it? My goal is to distribute information, not hoard it for myself. If you want more details about the show itself, check out their webpage.

Also, I don’t have solid release dates for Irwin series 17 or 18. I’m guessing that series 17 will be out sometime this month, but that’s just an educated guess, based on their announced “every six weeks” release schedule. Based on that, I’d project series 18 figures to be released sometime in March or April. And no, I don’t have pix of series 18.

Also, I formatted my computer this weekend, and in doing so, lost all of my e-mail from the past few days. If you sent me something that you think I really need to see, please e-mail me again. Thanks.

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