Goku Bust Delayed

This news comes from Right Stuf:

The Tenchi Muyo Ryoko Mini Bust has been pushed back until 8/1 and their DBZ Goku Mini Bust has been pushed back until 8/15.

What about the other busts? No word yet, but seeing how the Goku Mini Bust is delayed its probably a good bet that the rest of the busts in the series will also be delayed.

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Trunks Time Capsule set for September

Check out the following press release from Irwin Toy:

Irwin Toy this September will debut the long-awaited Dragon Ball Z Trunks Time Capsule into retail stores across the U.S. and Canada, highlighting the most spectacular and extensive Dragon Ball Z toy line ever.

Each beautifully designed Dragon Ball Z Trunks Time Capsule will feature an exclusive 5-inch action figure of “Trunks,” the amazingly popular character on the #1 Dragon Ball Z TV series on the Cartoon Network’s famed after school Toonami Block.

In addition to the Dragon Ball Z Trunks Time Capsule , the Irwin Toy line up of new products for the fall holiday shopping season will include new Dragon Ball Z action figures, vehicles and accessories, each based on the storyline of the hit TV series children and collectors loyally follow. Kevin Sayer, Marketing Manager, said “Dragon Ball Z is riding a tremendous wave of popularity and is topping Nielson ratings on the Cartoon Network, where it airs every day. In recent Nielsen TV Ratings of the Cartoon Network, Dragon Ball Z topped every boys’ category. When Lycos began its Kids Top 50 List of Internet searches, Dragon Ball was #1, and is also consistently #1 among all searches on Lycos’ Weekly Top 50 List.” Sayer said, “Irwin Toy’s exciting, fun line up will ignite children’s imaginations and bring them hours upon hours of Dragon Ball Z fun. A major advertising, marketing, PR and promotional campaign will support the Dragon Ball Z product introductions.”

Source: Beckett Dragonball Z Collector

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It would seem I misread the quote the Beckett rep. sent me concerning the Trunks figure. I asked him if the figure would be available through phone in subscription or via. the card that comes in the magazine… I took his comment of “Right now the only way to get the exclusive Trunks figure is through the subscription card or page in the new issues of Beckett DBZ Collector or Beckett Pokemon Collector. For faster service we have a toll-free number…” as you need to mail the card in to get the figure, but you can still get a subscription (without the figure)…

That was my bad. By the sounds of it, you can get the magazine, and phone in the subscription to the phone number on the card, along with a verification number.

I still have to see the magazine myself, but I’m going to be ordering my subscription in as soon as I find it. I want my Trunks figure! _

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Transformers PVC Act 4 Announced!

Takara has announced yet another wave of their extremely popular PVC Transformers, focusing this time on the Autobot City, Metroplex. Metroplex will come in six individually boxed parts, so the only sure way to get one will be to but the figures by the case.

Most of the other figures in this run are, unfortunately, re-uses of old molds. For instance, the Ultra Magnus (recolored silver here), Arcee (with Daniel here), and Thundercracker (Starscream mold) are basically the same figures that were released in set 1. The Rodimus figure is the same as the chase figure from series 2, with an opaque paint job rather than a clear one. And finally, the only real differences with the Prime and Megatron figures are new arms on old bodies.

However, fans will surely snap these up as quickly as they have the last three runs (the third of which is scheduled to finally hit this week), so if you want a box, you’ll probably have to pre-order it online, for roughly $65.

Click here to see the new figures!

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More information on Beckett Trunks figure!

I received more information on the Beckett Exclusive Metallic Trunks figure, which I’m passing on to all of you…

  • For anyone hoping that they could phone in their subscription and get the Trunks figure, tough beans… the figure is available ONLY from the card available in the next few issues of Beckett Dragonball Z collector and Beckett Pokemon Collector
  • While they’re not saying how many figures have been produced, they ARE saying that it’s a LIMITED supply run, and they expect to sell out quickly.
  • The figure will be shipping around the beginning of August
  • The figures will be packaged in a blister pack similar to the ones you see
    on store shelves. However, these Teen Trunks Metallic Exclusives will carry
    a special Beckett Exclusive logo on the packaging.
  • Anyone from any country can order this subscription to get this figure.
    However, payment must be in U.S. funds ONLY!!!
  • They expect this figure/subscription offer to sell out within a month or two.
    Send in your order early or you might miss this great opportunity!

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New Pages Galore!!!

Yes, step right up, see the amazingly huge update! For your viewing pleasure we have:

Updates to ALL of the AB Super Guerriers pages, and completely new pages for two companies: Kaiyodo, known in the US for incredible Evangelion and other import figures, and Fenryll, a company that made resin kits of some well-known DBZ characters!

Also—you’ll notice that some new SBC pages are up as well, they are still works in progress at this point, to be finished over the course of the week.

In the meantime, enjoy!

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Exclusive McFarlane Anime Figures at EBGames.com

McFarlane and Electronics Boutique have teamed up for two exclusive variant figures: Vash the Stampede (from Trigun) and Ryoko (from Tenchi). Both will come repainted with a black theme, and will only be available from EBGames.com for the hefty price of $12.99.

Source: Figures.com

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New Moderators

Let’s have a warm welcome to our new moderators:

Mistara - General Board mod
Future Trunks - Custom Board mod
QK2Rusty - Non-DBZ Board mod

These folks were picked for their strong contributions to and presence on the message boards, and I’m sure they’ll do a great job for us. Also, they are now full reporters, as well, so hopefully, having a new total of six reporters rather than just two will result in a great deal more posts.

It’s an exciting time—new toys coming out all over the place, all kinds of changes to the site—keep checking back!

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Message Board Upgrade Completed!

We are now running UBB 6—the look of the board has changed, I think this one will be a little friendlier on the eyes. I’ll be adding new graphics for it over the next few days. Please change your bookmarks!

Also, we’ll be announcing the new Moderators for the boards tomorrow, so come back if you’re curious!

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Message Board Upgrade

Hey folks, the message board will be down for a bit while I’m upgrading to UBB 6, so don’t freak out. Unless there’s trouble, it will be back up tonight, and I’ll probably be tweaking it and adding graphics for the next few days.

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New Stuff from Irwin and Palisades

Well I received some pictures today. First off courtesy of Irwin Toys comes 3 of the 5 new figures in the next release. Goku, Gohan and Vegeta all look fantastic. Irwin seems to be doing a fantastic job.

Also, I received a picture of the Future Trunks Palisades mini bust that will be a Georgia Music exclusive. Allthough I don’t think it is as nice as the others, this bust will be one of the harder ones to find.

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More Palisades News!

More news from Palisades!

I received more news from Loki and a representative from Palisades. The first thing I should list is a correction to my last post concerning the mini-busts: While I said it wasn’t confirmed, I received the following quote from the Palisades representative concerning the Buu saga busts:

“While this isn’t something we have ruled out for the future it isn’t something we are working on either.”

So, no Buu saga busts are set in stone as of yet (pardon the pun)…

Next, he was nice enough to send along four beautiful pictures of the busts, finished and approved for sale by Funimation!

Perfect Cell
Android 18
Goku (not yet approved)

The final thing is, the Palisades representative asks that we forward him all the feedback on the busts, and that it would be both appreciated, and very helpful concerning future releases. I’m going to start a topic on the discussion boards, and forward the comments on to Palisades, so head over there and post your thoughts!

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EXCLUSIVE Metallic Teen Trunks Action Figure from Beckett

Check out this press release hot off the wire from Beckett:

Beckett Dragon Ball Z Collector and Irwin Toys have teamed up to produce an Exclusive Teen Trunks action figure. This new Limited Edition Trunks figure is Fully Articulated and is painted using an Exclusive Metallic paint.

The only way to obtain this unique Teen Trunks figure is through a special subscription page in either Beckett Dragon Ball Z Collector or Beckett Pokemon Collector magazines. A released date is scheduled for late July and quantities are limited.

Dragon Ball Z action figure collectors and fans of Trunks will want to add this cool Exclusive Beckett Metallic Teen Trunks action figure to their collection!

The exclusive, BTW, is for the Trunks with long hair and Saiyan Armor. The figure looks pretty great, so if you want one, consider yourself informed!

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News from Palisades!

I got my hands on a Palisades release catalogue for their 2001 release schedule (Thanks to Loki, and found some interesting tidbits of information:

The first interesting bit would be that the The Trunks Bust will be an exclusive to Georgia Music.

The second, more interesting bit would be that a bust of Imperfect Cell will also be available, but unfortunately, it will ALSO only be available through Georgia Music.

Finally, the last, MUCH more interesting news, is that Palisades has a series of Resin Statues lined up for us! The first line up includes Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan Vegeta, Super Saiyan Trunks, and Krillin.

Also, I’m hearing that despite the fact that the first mini busts haven’t been released, Palisades is already moving into the planning stages for a full line of Mini-Busts (Instead of the ten regular busts, the two exclusives and the four resin statues)- They are currently developing Buu Saga busts to be released monthly following the busts already slated for release. I still have to get in contact with the Palisades people, so take most of this with a grain of salt.

For now, check out the scans from the palisades catalogue Here, here and here

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